Physician Request for Admin. of Medication

The Beaumont Independent School District’s Policy concerning dispensing of medication during schools hours:

1. Written permission from doctor and parent for student to take medication, and filed in nurse’s office.
2. Prescription medicine must have pharmacy label with student’s name, doctor’s name, name of medication, instructions for dispensing (amount of dose and time to be given) and prescription number.
3. Only five day supply of medicine may be retained in the schools.
4. All medication must be kept in a locked container, dispensed only by the nurse or other designated employees in her absence.
5. All medicine MUST be in the original bottle.
6. Upon written request by the student’s parent(s) and personal physician, medication for acute illness may be maintained with the involved student, as long as there is written documentation from the physician and parent that the student is capable of administering the medication.                                                 
(The student must have been instructed in and understand the purpose and appropriate method and frequency of use of his/her medicine).
7. Students are not allowed to keep medication on their person.  The only exception is inhalants for asthma.