Mr. Vernon Butler
Superintendent of Schools
Beaumont ISD 

Veteran educator Vernon Butler currently serves as Beaumont ISD's Interim Superintendent. Butler is a native of Massachusetts. His career includes service as a teacher, assistant principal, high school principal, Superintendent of Anthony ISD, and most recently, Interim Superintendent at El Paso Independent School District. He has also worked with Regions 11 and 19 Educational Service Centers. 

Butler is no stranger to challenges in the educational system. He is credited with several successes in transformational leadership, some dating back to his days as principal of the then troubled Bel Air High in Ysleta ISD. Bel Air was later recognized under Butler’s leadership as a U.S. Department of Education blue ribbon school. "I am committed to guiding the Beaumont Independent School District toward success. I believe with an unrelenting effort on the part of all employees and with the continued support of stakeholders, Beaumont ISD can meet and exceed the academic and financial targets at which it must arrive. Beaumont ISD must remain a viable educational institution," Butler explained. 

"Now is the time to move forward and to be positive. It’s a new day and we should be looking forward, not backward," Butler declared to staff attendees at today’s meeting. Superintendent Butler realizes the work ahead is difficult but he believes that commitment from staff is a crucial and vital element to the district’s success. Butler laid out his core beliefs and expectations in a presentation which may be viewed by opening the attached documents. He stressed the importance of following the district’s code of ethics and professional standards of conduct for educators as outlined by the State Board of Education. 

Superintendent Butler’s focus is clear — Employees are required and expected to follow district policies and perform their job duties in accordance with federal and state laws. ―Yesterday is gone; it’s today! No excuses, we need to be certain that we are moving forward,‖ Butler said. 

Some of Butler’s beliefs include: 

--A focus on academic success for every student. 

--Experimentation is prevalent – Instructional innovation is encouraged. 

--Inclusivity – Everyone needs to be involved. 

--Site based decision making and accountability system are interwoven. 

--If a child does not succeed, it must bother you! 

In the upcoming weeks, Butler plans on meeting with media, community and civic organizations, and eventually he will host a series of community meetings. "We have to restore the community’s trust and confidence in the school district. The Board and I will have to make some tough decisions," said Butler. In regard to the district’s financial status Superintendent Butler explained, "Things are going to be a little tight, but we will be doing what’s in the best interest of the Beaumont community and the Beaumont Independent School District."


Presentations By Mr. Butler:

Belief System

Standards of Conduct