Course Selection Guides

The Beaumont Independent School District is proud to present to you the Course Offering Catalogue Books which inform you of the courses available at each middle school and high school. We have seven excellent middle schools and three outstanding high schools which provide a superb education for our students.

It is our desire for you to direct your child in a challenging program at the middle school level so that he/she will be prepared to meet the requirements for the High School Recommended Program. 
For our high school students, The Recommended Program is the district’s minimum goal for all of our students. We firmly believe that these are realistic goals. For those that meet the more challenging Distinguished Program, we are proud and honored to work with them, as they reach even higher levels in their quest for a top-notch education.
Parents, please continue to work with us as we reach for higher levels of education and search for improvements so that we may provide our students with the best educational experiences.
This book gives you the opportunity to read and help your students with planning for next year's courses.
If you have any questions, be sure to call your school counselor or principal.