Fact Checks:

Superintendent Contract:

ExxonMobil EPA Grant:
1 Ford 1 Ton                                                   $  34,426.58                Transportation Department
2 Ford 1 Ton King Ranch @$43,415.73       86,831.46                Transportation Department
1 Ford 450 Utility Truck                                     37,541.28                Transportation Department
2 Ford 1 Ton @$34,426.58                             68,853.16                Maintenance Department
Upgrades paid to Wheeler Truck Body         22,500.00                Vehicle Upgrades
TOTAL                                                           $250,152.48
Grant was                   -$250,000.00
BISD paid                  - $      152.48
                                    Balance                       $   - 0 -

 The Bond: 
The 2007 Voter Approved Bond Referendum--What was really in it?
There have been several rumors circulating about what the Board of Trustees promised in the 2007 Bond Referendum to improve facilities in BISD.  The information linked details the actual Board vote on what the bond referendum would include and the Board’s presentation detailing aspects of the bond.  This is what voters approved in the referendum.
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Board Policy:
The following documents outline the policies followed by the board of trustees regarding public participation in a meeting: