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Elementary & Middle Breakfast Menu 2014-15

Elementary Lunch 2014-15

Middle School Lunch 2014-15

High School Breakfast 2014-2015

High School Lunch 2014-2015


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Many fast food items and foods that children are familiar with are offered on our menus; these are formulated in accordance with Dietary Guidelines.  Snacks, desserts, fruits, and sandwiches are offered on a cash basis and the decision to purchase rests solely with the student.  Snacks offered in elementary school are very limited as this age student is still forming habits and learning to make wise choices.

All reimbursable meals (breakfast and lunch) in BISD meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Break – The – Fast by eating breakfast! Your body has been at rest all night and has depleted your last meal.  Breakfast recharges your energy to get you ready to learn! So if you don't eat breakfast at home, go straight to the cafeteria when you arrive at school.  Served daily are a choice of hot breakfast items and cereal with milk, juice and toast.

Is Lunch Money An Every Day Hassle? If so, consider paying in advance for breakfast and lunch by the day, the week or the year.  Payments are accepted by each cashier before school or when you come in for lunch.  Balances roll forward month to month.  End of year balances roll to the next school year (about 2 weeks after school opens) or they are refunded by check upon request at any time during the year. You may also enroll in our program at

May I request that my child not be able to purchase extra snacks from his account?   Yes!  Just call the cafeteria manager whose name and number are listed in our Web site.  She will enter that note on your child's account screen.

Our goal is to accommodate the majority and serve students promptly to minimize time away from academics.

May I see a print-out of my child's account to see what he/she has purchased? Absolutely!  Anytime! Call your cafeteria manager and she will gladly run the report for you.