Dr. Chargois' Journal - 9/17/12



Getting to Know You

As I travel around the city and visit campuses, my local Journeys are reminders of how magnanimous Beaumonters really are. 

As we begin the new 2012-2013 school year, it’s imperative for me to get an up close and personal look at how the various departments and the more than 3,000 employees directly impact our students and contribute to their success. Last week I embarked on a “Beaumont ISD Tour” of district facilities, it was befitting for me to start at the transportation department for an early morning bus ride. My day began at 6 a.m. with Mr. Shelton Boyce, a 15-year veteran who drives about 60 miles each morning first picking up Ozen High School students and then making a second run to the homes of Marshall Middle School students. Watching the faces of 6th, 7th and 8th graders excited about school and shocked to find me on their bus was an enriching experience.

Thanks to all the staff and the more than 200 employees who work in the transportation department that make it possible for all of our students, such as Maria Gonzalez an 11th grade soccer player, Caleb Andrews Linebacker and power lifter, Alisia Alvarez, number 3 of 12 children and cashier at Jack in the Box and Jasmine Simien, Student Council Representative to maintain high GPAs, enjoy extracurricular activities, prepare for college and fulfill their dreams and look toward a future as bright as their smiles,

My experiences with these students helped shape the discussions I had with several hundred employees at the Administration Building and the meetings I will continue to have at other Beaumont ISD facilities. Along with understanding what you do and how your job impacts students’ achievement, it’s essential for me to know as much as possible about the challenges you face and how together we can plan what to do tomorrow to turn the challenges into opportunities.

Whether directly or in a roundabout way, each of you expressed how much you care about the success of each other and the students in Beaumont ISD. I hope you have already made the personal and professional changes you said would enable you to be more effective at your job.  In addition to those changes, I encourage you to share your ideals and progress because without workplace communication, success can not be reached.

Together, we can send our students into a global world prepared to meet life’s challenges.

-Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois