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You're important to the education process

The challenge to provide an educational environment in Beaumont that nurtures the best in both teaching and learning lies not only with the Board of Trustees, administrators and teachers, but with each resident of our city. Only through a strong partnership between the community and the public schools will the goal of excellence in education for all students be achieved.

We appreciate your input

Popular control of education is a fundamental component of a democratic society. BISD Trustees and staff members therefore welcome your involvement and appreciate your input on matters affecting the welfare of students in our public schools.

Individuals who have questions, criticisms or suggestions should first contact the teacher or administrator at the school campus level. Matters which are not resolved at this level may then be brought to the attention of the assistant superintendents or deputy superintendent, then the Superintendent of Schools. Prompt, informed answers are generally provided by following this procedure.

Addressing the Board

Trustees regularly meet at 7:15 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month in the Board Room of the Administration Building, 3395 Harrison Avenue. Special meetings and workshops are called when necessary. The Superintendent and the Board President have the responsibility of coordinating preparation of the agenda for each meeting and determining items to be included.

Patrons wishing to address the Board should present their requests in writing to the secretary to the Board of Trustees at least 24 hours in advance of the regular monthly meeting. Requests should include the speaker's name, address, telephone number, organization represented (if any), and topic to be discussed. Speakers are asked to limit their remarks to two and one-half minutes.
Current Board practice also allows time during the monthly meeting for patrons to speak up to one and one-half minutes. Registration cards are provided for these individuals at the entrance of the Board Room and should be presented to the secretary to the Board of Trustees prior to the beginning of the meeting. During special meetings and workshops, patrons may address the Board if this is indicated on the posted notice. At these times, speakers may discuss subjects listed on the posted agenda for up to one and one-half minutes. 


Stewards of the public trust

The Board is composed of seven Beaumont residents who devote their time, energy and expertise in serving as BISD's policy-making body as authorized by the Legislature. Trustees function according to state and fed-eral laws, regulations of the State Board of Education and the Texas Commissioner of Education, and the will of the people as expressed in District elections.
The Board takes action only in formal session with a majority of members present and Trustees act officially only as a group. No one acts in the name of the Board except when authorized to do so by Trustees.
Board members serve without pay for overlapping terms of three years. Vacancies may be filled by a special election or by Board appointment until the next regular election. Elections are usually held the first Saturday in May each year. Candidates are elected from a single-member district plan. Officers are elected by the Board following the swearing in of newly elected members.
Trustees maintain a rule of conduct of dignity and efficiency in all their meetings. To this end, Board members spend numerous hours researching and discussing issues, materials and reports pertinent to the continued progress and smooth operation of Beaumont's public schools.