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Beaumont ISD Joins the System of Great Schools

  • Beaumont ISD is proud to announce that we have joined the System of Great Schools (SGS) Technical Assistance Network. Started by the Texas Education Agency, this strategy for system-wide reform supports districts to develop a locally designed system-level innovation and problem-solving approach with the goal of:

    Increasing the number and percentage of students in top-rated schools and reducing the number and percentage of students in low-rated schools.

    Districts that pursue the SGS strategy will design and implement a continuous improvement process that annually evaluates school quality, parent demand, and neighborhood needs to take strategic action to both improve schools and provide parents with the schools and programs they desire.

Levers of Change

  • Implementing the SGS strategy requires districts to strengthen and build upon the following:

    1. Manage School Performance
      1. Establish a local School Performance Framework
      2. Enact annual/regular school performance reviews and planning process
      3. Develop office/capacity to conduct an annual review of individual school performance to result in a transparent report recommending strategic school actions based on performance
    2. Expand School Options
      1. Maximize the impact of existing high-performing schools, implement high-quality district authorizing policies and practices, and close persistently low-performing schools
      2. Conduct a regular "call for quality schools" to identify partners to redesign existing school
      3. Develop office/capacity for creating and growing innovative school programs
    3. Improve Access to Options
      1. Build and launch "school chooser" tools and supports
      2. Design and implement a unified enrollment system
      3. Develop office/capacity to support enrollment, enrollment analytics and family choice activities
    4. Foster School Autonomy
      1. Evaluate/design central office to ensure that maximum resources are distributed to schools
      2. Establish and define school autonomy provisions and timelines
      3. Design and implement student-based budgeting processes and supports

Contact Us

  • Dr. Charisma Popillion
    Senior Director of Innovation

    Jeriah Banks
    Special Projects Accountant

    Victoria Landry
    ELA Amplify Coordinator

    Kourtney Lavergne
    Innovation Specialist


    Administration Bldg.
    3395 Harrison Ave.
    Beaumont TX 77706

    p: 409-617-5280