• Dear Beaumont United High School Community,

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. I am beyond thrilled to serve as the  Principal of Beaumont United High School. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to help BU succeed through hard work, determination, and dedication to service. Like most school years, you must ask yourself, “What is different about this year?” As we move toward the opening of school, there will be a major focus on campus safety, academic growth, and discipline management procedures. Aside from these key items, student attendance is considered widely important as well. These focal areas cannot be worked on in isolation. It will take parents, students, teachers, and community members to work in collaboration with each other to ensure student success. With that in mind, we are looking to actively involve Timberwolves parents in engaging activities that will promote a culture of academic and behavioral success. Your involvement will make a huge difference in the lives of the students we serve. It is our plan to have a great school year filled with a renewed commitment to teaching and learning. We anticipate that you will work closely with classroom teachers and campus administrators to monitor student and school progress.


    Dr. Wiley Johnson

  • Wiley