• New Vendors can be added by completing a New Vendor packet.  The New Vendor packet can only be accessed by District employees and will be provided to a prospective vendor when there is an interest in engaging in business between both parties.  The New Vendor Add packet is completed by the vendor and returned to the Campus or Department contact.  The District employee will then forward the packet to the purchasing department - vendor compliance clerk (Doris Brown; dbrown@bmtisd.com).  

    New Vendor Packet

    Vendors who will be performing services on a Campus while students are present MUST complete a Service Agreement prior to providing services.  This agreement needs ot be uploaded and attached to the requisition for their services. 

    Service Agreement

    Except contracts for the purchase of produce or vehicle fuel, all contracts for goods and non-professional services valued at $50,000 or more in the aggregate, for each 12-month period, are made by the procurement method that provides the best value to the District, in accordance with Texas Education Code 44.031(a).  Beaumont ISD tracks aggregate purchases through Category Spend.  Once a category reaches $50,000 spent District-wide, only Vendors awarded on a purchasing cooperative can be used.  


    All changes to a current purchase order must have a Change Order Form completed & signed by the campus principal or department head.  

    Change Order Form

    Technology Assets >$250.00 and non-technology assets >$1000.00 will need an asset form and object code 6395 must be used for these purchases.  Technology & non- technology assets >$5,000.00 must use object code 6639

    Asset Form

    Purchases $50,000 + must be approved by the Board of Trustees.  These purchases are due to the Purchasing Department approximately 2 weeks prior to the Board meeting.  Below is a schedule of deadlines to have Board purchases to the Purchasing Department.  If you do not meet the deadline, the purchase will be on the next month's Board Agenda.  

    Board Purchases - Due Dates

    Purchases over $25k must have additional quotes & a Quote Analysis form completed.  Quotes must be from awarded vendors on purchasing cooperatives.  

    Quote Analysis Form

    Below is a Master Cooperative Vendor listing.  This listing includes all of the Cooperative BISD is a member of.  Any of these Vendors can be used for purchases, even if they are not currently a Vendor in our system.  In order to add the vendor, please have them complete a New Vendor Packet.  

    Cooperative Vendor Listing - 09/23  

    Tax Exempt Certificate