• Campus History

    Caldwood Elementary is currently located on the corner of Berkshire and North Caldwood. It was approved with a $980,000 bond issue in March of 1958. The campus was part of the South Park School District when it opened its doors in 1959. Irving M. Rushing was the first principal. The original building was a single structure that housed kindergarten through fifth grade.

    In 1979 an additional building was added to house the growing population. Later the school’s size swelled so large that portable building had to be added. The old school was torn down and rebuilt thanks to a bond issue passed by the people of Beaumont.

    Caldwood has had 6 principals; Irving M. Rushing, Dr. Harold Stewart, Dr. Sally Blewett, James Melanson, Valerie Simon and Julie Corona currently serves as the principal.


    School Motto

    “Striving for Excellence, Achieving Success”



    Red and Blue



    Bear Cubs