Campus Rules and Procedures

    • Follow Charlton-Pollard/BISD rules and dress code.
    • Follow BISD Student Code of Conduct.
    • Remain in designated areas at all times.
    • Snacks, cell phones, electronics, unlawful, or disruptive items are not permitted.
    • Report on time with materials/assignments.
    • Complete all assignments as directed.
    • Cheating in any manner is prohibited.
    • Listen when others are talking.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.
    • Don’t fight or disrupt class.
    • Do not bully others.
    • Speak respectfully without vulgarity.
    • Respect teachers, staff, and peers.
    • Be CHAMPS.


    Cell Phones and Electronics

    CELL PHONES and OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE PROHIBITED from use in classrooms or the school building during daily operations. If a staff member sees or hears a phone, it will be taken and returned only to a parent. Teachers are expected to enforce this policy.