Campus Motto, Colors, and Mascot

  • History

    The doors of Dishman Elementary opened on August 10, 1998 under the leadership of J. Judith. The student enrollment was around 420 students with a staff of 46. A Mardi Gras Celebration, Red Ribbon Neighborhood Parade, Field and Kite Days, and Attendance and Achievement Celebrations were among the traditions Mr. Judith began at the school. After a promotion to district administration, Mr. Judith turned over the helm to Randall Maxell. As part of the transition, Mr. Judith gave Mr. Maxwell a green and yellow John Deere hat that was to be passed on from principal to principal. Mr. Maxwell continued the Mardi Gras and Red Ribbon Celebrations and started a program of rewarding staff for attendance and excellence. Following Mr. Maxwell’s promotion to principal of Vincent Middle School, Dr. Paul Shipman became the leader of the campus. Dr. Shipman is fondly remembered for his recognition of outstanding staff attendance. Each Friday, he would personally deliver a mint to each staff member with perfect attendance and say, “ It meant a lot for you to be here every day”. Several years later, Dr. Shipman was promoted to Admin and turned over the hat to Brandon Basinger whose menagerie included fish, birds, and occasionally two big dogs. His booming voice, distinctive whistle, and passion for children left a lasting impression on the students, staff, and parents of Dishman. Following the promotion of Mr. Basinger to principal of Marshall Middle School, Mrs. Mellow Tatmon became the new leader of the school. While continuing the traditions of Red Ribbon Week and celebrations to highlight staff and student attendance, Mrs. Tatmon introduced an International Night to the Dishman community as a way to celebrate the unique cultural diversity of the campus.



    “Striving to be a Champion, every day in every way”


    Blue and Silver