Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • Drop Off

    7:00 am - 8:15 am: Car riders are required to enter the building through the cafeteria doors in the rear of the school. Once in the drive thru lanes, parents may allow their child/children to exit their vehicles (from the inside lane only) and walk down the sidewalk to the cafeteria. Parents are not required to stay in the line to drop their child/children off in front of the cafeteria doors. This should allow parents to enter the left, drive-thru lane and exit the campus quickly. Please proceed safely and watch for other vehicles. If you need extra time, (to unbuckle a child safety seat, etc.) we request you drive past the cafeteria entrance to help your child/children exit your vehicle. This allows the line to continue to move and not get backed up. Parents who prefer to walk their children in may park in the visitors’ parking sections in the front or rear of the school. Students should not be dropped off in the area between the dumpsters and sidewalk in front of the gym. The lot in the back designated as Staff Parking is reserved for school staff and parents needing access to handicapped parking spaces. Parents may not park in handicapped spaces without a handicap placard displayed in their vehicle. Students being dropped off after 8:15 (start of school day) will need to be brought to the front and signed in at the attendance office. Breakfast ends promptly at 8:15 am.

    Please remember Champions Drive is a two-way street and entering the lane of the on-coming traffic is illegal.


    Pick Up

    All students must be picked up through the drive thru. No students will be released to an adult walking up if they are traveling by car. If your child is a walker, you must contact the front office to make sure they are on the walker list. We will verify your address to make sure the residence is in walking distance and provide you with pertinent information at that time. Please display your placard in the window of your vehicle every day. This will help staff get students to the right cars quickly. Please be patient. Once the line begins to move it goes smoothly. Delays are caused by placards not being visible and staff not knowing which vehicle to bring students to. 

    If you are accessing Champions from Major, you will not be able to turn left onto Champions at the light to enter the line. You will need to drive further up Walden and turn around to get in the line.

    If you have someone drop off or pick up your child, please advise them of our procedures so they will know what to expect.  We rely on your cooperation to keep everyone safe.