Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • Drop Off

    Morning drop off is at 7:45 am - 8:30 am. Please drive around on Pennock Street and enter through the back gate. Children are dropped off at the gymnasium entrance. Please remain in the carpool line and the school attendant will receive your child at the gym’s door. You must park in the parking lot if you need to visit the front office.  Parking on Lucas Avenue is not permitted.

    All late students who enter through the front entrance of the school after 8:30 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT! No child who is tardy will be permitted to enter the building without the assistance of an adult. 


    Pick Up

    Early Pick-up

    Parents must present a picture ID to receive a child before 2:45.  Please notify the office if you are sending someone unlisted as a pick-up person for your child.  ALL VISITORS MUST PRESENT A PICTURE ID.  Students who are picked up early, must sign-out the child.  Please inform the child's teacher before 2:45 PM of pick-up changes. 

    Car Riders

    It is highly recommended that all parent’s who pick up their children drive through the carpool. Drive around on Pennock Street and enter through the back gate.  We ask that you remain in your vehicle and the school attendants will bring your child to you. At the beginning of the year, students who are picked up by car will be given a name placard. Please place the placard in your front car window so that your child’s name can be visible for the school attendants to call. We will have your child waiting for you as you drive near the gym entrance.

    Bus Riders

    Bus students will board the buses from the side door of the school. Please do not pick your child up from this exit. If you must pick your child up from the bus line, we ask that you park in the school parking lot and enter the school’s front office. We will get your child for you.  Please call the front office before 2:30 pm to make pick-up changes. We ask that all parents of children who ride the bus please be at your child’s bus stop at least 15 minutes before the bus drop off time.

    Day Care Riders

    All daycare vans will pick up at the side exit in the bus pool. Please make arrangements with the daycare facilities and notify the school of what daycare your child will be attending and inform our office of telephone numbers of the daycare your child attends.