School Supplies and Dress Code

  • School Supplies

    Students will receive lists from their teachers as it relates to required materials. Supply needs may vary and students will have a week or so to collect all needed supplies.  The following are the most common that can be purchased before school:

    Blue pens
    Black pens
    Red pens
    Spiral notebooks
    1.5in binders
    Loose-leaf notebook paper
    Post-it notes
    Colored pencils
    Glue stick
    TI-84 graphing calculator (optional, but useful for Math)


    Dress Code

    Beaumont ECHS follows district policy guidelines for dress and grooming - it can be found on p. 46 of the BISD Student Handbook.  All students are required to wear their LIT or BISD ID while on campus.  Each incoming 9th grader will receive the first one for free during Summer Bridge.  If another is needed, it can be purchased at LIT in the Beeson building for $5 or at BECHS for $5.  If a student does not have an ID, a temporary ID will be issued at the receptionist's desk for $2.  The fee will be assessed each time a temporary ID is issued.