Dress Code

    • Dresses, skirts, shorts, skorts, and splits must be knee length.
    • All trousers must fit in the waist and should be worn at waist level with a belt. Pants with writing on the seat are not permitted. “Slabbing” will warrant suspension.
    • Attire should fit loosely and should not be form fitting, see through, strapless, halter back, spaghetti straps, contains hole or distress of any kind, and/or low cut. Clothing containing any distasteful pictures or slogans will be considered inappropriate. (i.e. marijuana leaf, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, hand gestures – hottie, sexy, pimp, hustler, screw Texas, Corona, etc.)
    • Young ladies should wear shirts/blouses long enough to cover the waistband of their pants/skirts.
    • Boys may wear stud earrings only. No piercing body jewelry allowed or distasteful jewelry. (i.e. nose ring, eyebrow ring, lip ring, tongue stud, marijuana leaf, etc.)
    • Young men are to enter the campus with shirttails inside pants and they must remain inside at all times. Violations will warrant suspension.
    • Wind pants, athletic shorts, warm-ups and fleece/velour jogging suits/shorts are inappropriate school attire and shall not be worn at any time other than in an athletic setting.
    • Extreme hairstyles that are distracting will not be permitted. (colorful extensions, glitter, distasteful designs)
    • Shoes must be worn at all times. House slippers and flip flops with or without a heel will not be permitted.
    • Students should refrain from wearing headgear during the school day.(i.e. bandanas, headbands, caps, do-rags, hairnets, hoods, combs, picks)
    • Facial Hair should be neat and not extend below the bottom of the ear. Goatees and beards are not permitted.

    The Student dress code will be strictly enforced. Students will not be permitted to possess jackets or sweaters with hoods on campus. Students must adhere to the color regulation on all items. Students who wear or bring unauthorized items, such as large purses, hats, hoodies, flip flops, large earrings, etc. will have these items confiscated. They will be returned at the end of the semester or if a parent picks up the item.