About Title I Programs

  • The Title I Department utilizes the district’s data management system, Eduphoria, to analyze campus performance by creating reports to drive school improvement.  Eduphoria provides a multitude of reports which guide campuses in making those important academic decisions. After-school programs are monitored using the data gathered from Eduphoria to track students, as well as teachers, to ensure that the students with the greatest needs are being served, and are being taught by content specific teachers.  The Title I Department can be assured the targeted standards are being taught in after-school programs by using the Eduphoria system of data collection.

    Title I Supervisors
    Title I Supervisors conduct monthly meetings with the Title I Curriculum Coordinators and Title I Secondary Representatives. During the monthly meetings, data is disaggregated and analyzed. The Eduphoria Data Management Program is used by the team to obtain reports which guide campus needs assessments, and assist with driving school improvement. Technology trainings are held to ensure all members of the Title Department are technologically savvy, and have the capability, along with the resources to remain on the cutting edge of educational advancement. Other professional development opportunities, such as book studies, with books such as Are You in a Pickle? and Instructional Rounds in Technology, are provided.

    The Title I Supervisors conduct individual campus visits, while also participating with Campus Monitoring Team Visits with other district level personnel. They are available to model lessons, and provide input on classroom instruction and suggestions to increase student performance.

    The Title I Supervisors attend Campus Grade Level/Departmental Meetings and offer input and feedback regarding instructional issues and data concerns. 

    Working with Performance – Based Academic Coaching Teams (PACT), and other methods of mentorship, the Title I Supervisors provide support and resources to empower teachers for student success, novice and veteran.

    Title I Curriculum Coordinators and Title I Secondary Representatives 
    With guidance from Title I Supervisors, Curriculum Coordinators and Title I Secondary Representatives ensure that lesson plans reflect readiness and supporting standards, while meeting with grade levels or departments to monitor that these standards are being taught.  They analyze and interpret standards to guide instruction and student success.  They conduct walk-throughs and compile curriculum reports of campus performance by student groups and teacher performance each six weeks.  They also assist parent facilitators in planning meetings for parents using data.