Campus Policies and Procedures

  • Absences

    According to law, students must be in attendance 90% of the semester to receive credit for classes. This includes excused and unexcused absences in all classes. Upon returning to school, students should turn notes into the attendance office in the administration building. Upon returning, the student has FIVE DAYS to turn in an excuse for being absent.



    • Once students enter the cafeteria, they are expected to get in a lunch line and be seated once served.
    • Students' should scan the QR code and complete the digital contact tracing form.
    • Students’ conversations should be in a normal tone of voice.
    • Students are not permitted to throw anything including paper, pens, and food.
    • Students are expected to return lunch trays to the appropriate area.
    • Students are not to cut in line.
    • Students are not to take any food or drinks from the cafeteria to the patio area.

    Students not following these rules will receive administrative punishment.



    Students should have an ID visible on them during the day. Students not in possession of an ID will be assigned ISS. IDs will be required to enter school functions. Once issued, students will be expected to replace lost IDs for $5. 



    No fighting will be tolerated. Warranted cases could possibly receive a police citation and a three-day suspension. AEP placement will be recommended.



    • To harass is to trouble, bother and annoy with repeated small attacks, including but not exclusive of sexual, racial, and religious taunts. This type of action will result in actions by the administration and/or Alternative Placement (AEP)
    • Gang-related activities, including hand signs, clothing, remarks, drawings and others referred to in the BISD Handbook, will not be tolerated on campus.
    • Profanity is not an appropriate language at any time. Students will receive administrative consequences for the use of profanity.


    Attendance at School Functions

    Students in ISS (In-School Suspension) or on suspension the day of a school function will not be allowed to attend any school function during the ISS or suspension period. Students attending any school function are expected to dress appropriately for the function and exhibit behavior that does not distract from the activity.


    Leaving Campus/Deliveries

    Beaumont United High School, and all BISD schools, are closed campuses. Students must not leave campus at any time. Students will not be allowed to receive deliveries from outside vendors for lunch or any other items.


    Student Parking

    Students will need to purchase a parking permit to park cars at school. To receive a permit, a student must pay $20.00. They must also show proof of insurance and a driver’s license to the bookkeeper in the front office.

    • Students leaving campus unauthorized by car will lose their driving privilege for the remainder of the school year.


    Unacceptable Behavior and Appearance

    • The appearance of intimate courtship. No public displays of affection including but not limited to kissing, holding hands, hugging, etc.
    • The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or any mind-altering substance.
    • Attending under the influence of any mind-altering substance.
    • The possession of guns, knives, clubs, chains, or any other article which has potentially dangerous properties. This also includes “look-alike” items, which cause disruption, anxiety, and fear for all.
    • The posting or dissemination of any item without the written approval of a school administrator.
    • Remarks or actions that would be offensive to anyone.
    • Possession of electronic devices and/or cellular phones. There is a $15.00 fee to reclaim these devices. They will be returned only to the parent or guardian. Music devices, iPods, laser lights, earbuds, beats headphones, Bluetooth cellular devices, and cellular chargers are not allowed on campus and will be confiscated and returned at the discretion of the administrator. Electronic devices should not be on during the instructional time.



    Students have six minutes to transition to the next class. A student is considered tardy unless he or she is in a seat with the needed material and ready to work before the tardy bell begins to ring. Tardies will result in after-school detention, ISS, and suspensions.

    All students will receive three tardy passes per semester. These are to be used at the student’s discretion. Unused passes from the first semester may not be used during the second semester. A student is considered tardy if they are outside the classroom door when the bell rings to begin class. The student will enter the classroom quietly and sign the tardy log form. They will see the teacher prior to leaving class for the day to turn in a tardy pass if they have one. This will be noted on the tardy log form.



    Textbooks are furnished by the state and are issued at the beginning of the school year. Students are responsible for individual textbooks. Students must return the assigned books in accordance with the Texas Education Code, TEC section. Textbooks will not be issued unless a student has no debt to the school district.

    1. The students’ names and teachers’ names are to be written on the label inside the front cover and no other marks may appear on the pages or the covers of the book.
    2. Fines may be assessed for damage to textbooks.
      1. Up to 10% of the cost of the book may be charged for damaged books.
      2. Seriously damaged books or ones with missing pages that require the full price of the book to be charged. If the book cannot be reissued, the student must pay the full price of the book.
    3. If a lost textbook is found, the bookkeeper will issue a refund, the original receipt must be returned. The refund will be made to the parent or guardian. The student will not be allowed to take a midterm and/or final exams unless they have a clear textbook record. This does not preclude the student from taking the exam at some later date once the debt is cleared.



    Students are expected to use the restroom during transitions. Students should not ask teachers to leave class unless of an extreme emergency. Restrooms will be unlocked during transitions only. 

    Students should use the restroom during a transition and not during class. Gym students will use restrooms in the gyms during their class periods. For students to leave class for any reason, the teacher must give the student an official hall pass.