Dress Code

  • The dress code will be in effect each day... including Fridays.

    1. Clothing may not be worn that displays (written, pictured, or implied) obscene and distasteful slogans or advertises tobacco, drugs, or alcoholic beverages.
    2. All students are expected to wear shoes with backs.  Slippers, athletic slides, flip-flops, and house shoes are not permitted at any time.
    3. Clothing should be neat and clean at all times.  Tank tops and muscle shirts are not permitted unless a shirt is worn under them.
    4. Students are not allowed to wear jeans with holes.
    5. Leggings/ jeggings or tights are not allowed.  
    6. Hair must be neat, trimmed, and well-groomed.
    7. Bandannas, caps, hats, stocking caps, and other types of headgear are not permitted.
    8. Students may wear hemmed shorts of approximately 2 inches above the knee.  Shorts that are form-fitting and shorts with slits are not permissible.
    9. Trousers must be worn at the waist with a belt.  Caps, hats, and sunglasses may not be worn inside the building.
    10. Undergarments must be worn at all times.
    11. No see-through apparel will be permitted for girls or boys.
    12. Inappropriate tattoos must be covered.
    13. No Afro picks or rakes are allowed.
    14. No cell phones, electronic devices, or earbuds are allowed after the first bell at 7:12 unless you are eating lunch.