Campus Mission, Vision, Motto, Colors, and History

  • Motto

    Where Minds and Hands Work Together



    Our vision is to collaborate with Institutions of Higher Education and Business Industry Partners to prepare students for career readiness, enabling them to meet industry demands.



    The mission of the Career and Technical Education Center is to ensure that students become productive employees who will:  advance toward career goals by earning credentials, utilize principles of leadership, and recognize education as a lifetime endeavor.

    We will accomplish our Mission and Vision by providing:

    • Leadership training in all courses.

    • A curriculum that meets industry standards and incorporates academic learning in an environment that mirrors the world of work.

    • Instruction that allows students to develop the interpersonal skills needed to be successful.

    Core Beliefs 


    Prioritize student learning: CTEC will prioritize effective, engaging, and enriching instruction that prepares students for career readiness. 

    Safe environment: CTEC will ensure a safe learning environment is provided for students and staff.

    Focus on excellenceCTEC will promote high expectations for students and staff, resulting in excellence on all levels. 

    Partner with families:  CTEC values the relationship of families in the educational process and will partner to foster the success of our students.   

    Community CollaborationCTEC will engage with community partners to offer services and collaborate with industry partners to expose our students to opportunities.  

    Effective Staff: CTEC will recruit, develop, and retain staff with high expectations for preparing and supporting students to achieve high levels of performance.

    Mascot | Crusader

    A CTEC crusader campaigns for career readiness! Crusaders make a determined effort to obtain credentials and work-based learning experiences, preparing for career readiness!



    Dark Green and White