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  • First Day of School
    August 17

Back to School FAQ's

Attendance Procedures

  • Starting on the 2nd day of school and throughout the remote learning period, students will access a Google Attendance Form located in their teachers' Google Classroom.  Students will click on the form link and complete the form every day.  

    For elementary students, they will complete this form only once a day, and it will be located in their Homeroom teacher's Google Classroom.  For middle and high school students, they will need to access the attendance form every day in each teacher's Google Classroom and submit it.  The form is very brief and should not take more than 15 seconds for a student to complete and submit.  
    Students can also be counted for attendance by attending a Live Learning Zoom opportunity with their teacher, submitting work in Google Classroom, or through contact with the teacher through email or phone call.  

Google Classroom Codes

  • Google Classroom Codes per Campus
    To get to their Google Classrooms, students will need to be logged into their BMTISD Chrome Account. If the student is using a district Chromebook, they are automatically logged into their Chrome Account. On other devices, they will need to click on the Chrome Browser. Google may prompt you to sign in; if not Chrome may be signed in under a different user. 
    Click the profile icon in the top right corner of Chrome to sign in as the student. The student email address is their ID number @bmtisd.com. For example, a student with the ID number 999999 will have the email 999999@bmtisd.com. The student password is their 6-digit birthday (DOB in MMDDYY format). 
    Once the student is logged into Google Chrome they can go to www.Classroom.Google.com
    Inside Google Classroom, look for the + sign in the top right corner. The student will select Join Class and type in the code given to them by their teacher and click Join.   Many teachers will have already enrolled their students.  When your child logs in, they may already see their teacher's Google Classroom activated.

Online Registration

Virtual Start

  • Beaumont ISD starts school on August 17, 2020. Instruction will begin virtually for the first four weeks of school in order to acclimate students and staff to new procedures. The District will offer both on-campus and virtual learning. Should positive cases of COVID continue to rise, the district will continue virtual instruction for an additional four weeks. Both programs will follow BISD’s curriculum, which complies with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. When registering, families will be required to enroll in either on-campus learning, hybrid or virtual learning.


    Beaumont ISD has considered the health and safety of our students and staff throughout the planning and decision making process for the upcoming school year. Though no option is ideal in addressing every concern created by the current health crisis, the District is committed to implementing every safety precaution at its disposal. The virtual start will provide staff, students and families with the opportunity to become acclimated to the new synchronous (virtual, teacher-led, direct instruction) and asynchronous (virtual, student self-paced) modes of instructional delivery. Additionally, the virtual transition into the normal school day will provide time for direct instruction on the safety protocols, precautions and new campus procedures that will be in place in response to COVID-19, including social distancing guidelines, health screenings and other campus practices. To facilitate the remote instruction for the first four weeks, the District will provide families with devices and internet access, if needed, to ensure that all students have the necessary resources to fully engage in the learning experience. 


    It is required that ALL students and parents engage in virtual learning during the start of the school transition period to thoroughly acclimate to the program and receive credit for attendance. Following this potential eight weeks of transition, in the event of a classroom, campus or district-wide closure during the year due to a rise in COVID-19 cases or a natural disaster, students who attend on-campus will be required to temporarily transition to virtual learning until it is safe to return to the campus.  Staff, students and parents will receive ongoing training regarding all learning platforms.


    Click here for the Asynchronous Plan 2020 - 2021.

BISD Re-entry Plan

Information Regarding Virtual Learning

Remote Learning Informational Video

School Hours

  • Bingman Head Start:

    Pre K3 & Pre K4  - 9:00am - 4:20pm

    Lucas Pre-K:

    8:40am - 4:00pm

    Elementary Schools

    Pre K4- 5th - 8:20am - 3:40pm

    Middle Schools

    9:00am - 4:20pm

    High Schools

    7:20am - 2:40pm

    Paul Brown

    7:40am - 3:00pm


    7:20am - 2:35pm

Community Eligibility Provision

  • The Beaumont ISD Child Nutrition Department is pleased to announce that all campuses will participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for the 2019-2020 school year. All students enrolled in BISD schools will be eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at no charge. All students are eligible to participate without having to pay a fee or complete a meal application.

  • Feeding Sites

    BISD will be offering a number of meal distribution locations starting August 17 for curbside pick-up. There will be two additional sites to open on Monday August 31. Meals will be served at select campuses from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Students must be enrolled at a Beaumont ISD campus in order to receive a meal. Parents are required visit a site within their student’s grade range in order to receive a meal. 


    Students must provide one of the following to pick up a meal:


    1. A current year student ID
    2. A current year letter from the school (that includes name & student ID) 
    3. Their name and student ID number to the curbside attendant


    1.  Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) may pick up student meals with appropriate forms of verification and with documentation; when a student is not present in the car. 


    Those forms of verification include: 

    • Parent Self-Serve Portal with student name and ID number
    • Current Year Student ID
    • Any official letter from the District that includes the student name and ID number
    • Student Name & Student ID provided verbally. 

    A parent/legal guardian must sign for meal pick-up when the student is not present.

Transportation Information

Secondary School Supplies

  • School supply lists for secondary campuses can be found on the campus websites.

Dress Code Information