Tardies/Attendance/Exit Criteria

  • Tardies:

    STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ARRIVE TO SCHOOL ON TIME. A student who receives an unexcused tardy will face appropriate consequences. When a student is tardy to school, he/she must sign in at the attendance office and obtain a pass to class. If the student is 20 minutes or later to class, the student will be marked absent for that period. Any class work missed becomes the student’s responsibility.


    Regular school attendance is necessary to exit Pathways. Students who are absent face two (2) types of consequences:

    • Students with excessive absences may be filed on in court for truancy violations. These absences accumulated over the school year and carry over from school to school.
    • Students with more than 10% absences of any type in a semester may be denied credit for the semester.
      • Pathways will use the district automated phone system to communicate with parents when their student is absent. The system will call the phone number that is listed as the student’s home phone number. The school should be made aware of phone number changes as soon as possible. Parents are 5 asked to call the school to confirm that the message for non-attendance was received. If you feel the call is an error, please notify the school and accept our apology.
      • Parents are encouraged to visit the parent self-serve to review their student’s attendance history, grades, credits, and other important documents. An appointment may be necessary to review progress with the appropriate personnel. Remember that absences will result in additional days added to the student’s DAEP assignment.


    Students should follow these steps when absent:

    1. Have parent or guardian write a separate note for each absence giving full name, date, and reason. Notes from parent/guardian must be provided within 5 days or the absence will be unexcused for the semester.
    2. Present note(s) to an administrator by 7:30am, for approval in cafeteria.
    3. Upon returning from an excused absence, students should obtain assignments from their teacher with the (3) day window per district policy.

    Exit Criteria:

    Each student entering Pathways will be expected to complete their assigned placement days.  Compliant students who work diligently in class and have no absences or referrals may have their assignment reduced. However, students who are constantly disruptive may receive extra days added to their assignment. Reductions or extensions to the number of days assigned are determined by the administrative staff of Pathways Learning Center.