Dress Code

  • Dress Code:

    The PLC standard mode of dress will be followed in addition to the district dress code. This dress code is essential for students' safety, and it provides an environment free of distractions.


    • Students must wear KHAKI PANTS. If the pants have pockets there may be no more than four (2 pockets in front and 2 pockets in back. All pockets should be able to be turned inside out and visible.) NO CARGO PANTS! NO ELASTIC AROUND THE ANKLES! NO EXTRA POCKETS!
    • When buying pants check to make sure you do not buy or have pants with coin pockets, leg pockets or hidden pockets.
    • Pants must be hemmed with no holes or frayed edges.
    • Students must wear a properly fitted BELT (Wal-Mart, Target, Citi-Trends, etc.NO DESIGNER BELTS!


    • High school students must wear PLAIN BLACK SHIRTS; e.g., t-shirt, polo style, sweat-shirts, or thermals. NO HOODIES OR DESIGNER SHIRTS!
    • Middle school students must wear PLAIN GREY SHIRTS; e.g., t-shirt, polo style, sweat-shirts, or thermals. NO HOODIES OR DESIGNER SHIRTS!
    • Shirts must remain tucked into pants at all times.


    • Appropriate undergarments must be worn. NO GYM SHORTS are allowed underpants nor should they be substituted for underwear.
    • Specifically prohibited are form-fitting or spandex-type materials such as leggings.
    • Students may wear only ONE properly fitted t-shirt (long -or short-sleeved) underneath the shirt but they must be WHITE, GREY, OR BLACK. No writing, graphics, pictures or pockets on shirts.


    • Students must wear rubber sole tennis shoes that are black, white, gray or a combination of these three colors.
    • Shoes may not have designs or a pattern even if they are white, black or gray
    • If shoes have laces they must be black, white, or gray and must be laced to the top of the shoes and be tied.
    • No sandals, house shoes, flip-flops, boots, TOMS, dress shoes, steel toe, platform shoes or boat shoes are allowed.
    • Students must wear only one pair of black, brown or white socks.


    • Students may wear a gray or white solid color sweatshirt
    • No designs over their white shirt. The sweatshirt may not have hoods, zippers or pockets.
    • All other jackets/coats will be collected at check-in and will be returned at the end of the school day.


    • No jewelry is allowed, including any body piercing jewelry or spacers.
    • Hats and caps are not to be brought to school.
    • Any clothing, accessories, symbols, or paraphernalia, which depicts or suggest an association with a gang, must not be brought to school.
    • Students are not allowed to bring gum, candy, purses, wallets, backpacks, radios, cell phones, makeup, or any other non-school-related item to school.
    • Students may bring a small key ring with the student's house key.


    If the above items are brought to school the item(s) will be confiscated. For the first infraction, the student will lose leveling points. The subsequent times the confiscated item(s) will be kept by the administration and discarded at administrations digression. Additional violations will be considered insubordination, and discipline will be handled as such.


    Additional Dress Code Information:

    • Students are not allowed to write or draw on themselves, their clothing or shoes.
    • Nails must be 1" or less from cuticle to nail tip.
    • No fake eyelashes.