Discipline Procedures

  • Students are advised and forewarned that misconduct of any sort at PLC may trigger certain provisions of the law that can result in the involvement of the student and the criminal justice system; leading to placement to the Jefferson County Youth Academy (JCYA) and possibly the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).

    In short, it is against the law to engage in “serious and persistent misconduct” in an alternative school. The student violates the law if he/she is excessively suspended or expelled from an alternative school. If a student does receive a referral for serious and persistent misconduct, then the above provisions can be triggered.

    Discipline Management Techniques:

    The following discipline management techniques may be used—alone or in combination – for behavior prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct or by campus or classroom rules:

    • Verbal correction; oral or written.
    • Cooling-off time or "time out"
    • Seating changes within the classroom
    • Temporary confiscation of items that disrupt the learning process
    • Rewards or demerits
    • Behavioral Contracts
    • Counseling by teachers, school counselors or administrative personnel
    • Parent-Teacher conferences
    • Grade reductions for cheating, plagiarism and as otherwise permitted by district policy
    • Sending the student to the office or other assigned area, or to in-school suspension
    • Assignment of school duties such as cleaning or picking up litter
    • Restriction or revocation of district transportation privileges
    • School-assessed and school-administered probation.
    • Corporal Punishment, unless the student's parent or guardian has provided a signed statement prohibiting use (see District Code of Conduct)
    • Expulsion, as specified in the Expulsion section of the student code of conduct
    • Referral to an outside agency or legal authority for criminal prosecution in addition disciplinary measures imposed by the district
    • Other strategies and consequences as determined by school officials

    Office Referrals:

    Office referrals will result in additional days added to the student's assignment at Pathways.