Prohibited Actions

  • Misuse of Technology Resources and the Internet:

    Students shall not violate policies, rules, or agreements signed by the student or the student’s parent regarding the use of technology resources. Students shall not:

    • Attempt to access or circumvent passwords or other security-related information of the district, students or employees
    • Attempt to alter, destroy or disable district technology resources including but not limited to computers and related equipment
    • Use the internet or other electronic communications to threaten district students, employees or volunteers
    • Send, post or possess electronic messages that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another's reputation, or illegal... including cyber bullying and "sexting" either on or off school property.



    Consequences may include:

    • 3 day suspension
    • Additional days added to the student’s DAEP assignment
    • Citation by law enforcement, if warranted
    • Mandatory parent conference
    • The school may suspend pending an expulsion hearing



    Assault is different from a typical schoolyard fight in that it constitutes a crime. Therefore, the school will suspend a student who commits assault pending an expulsion hearing to the Jefferson County Youth Academy (JYCA).



    Students who are under the influence or in possession of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco will be;

    • Referred to the proper law enforcement agency
    • Suspended pending an expulsion hearing to the Jefferson County Youth Academy (JCYA) (tobacco excluded)


    Gang Activity:

    The BISD Code of Conduct defines gang activity as any two or more people acting together whose purposes include illegal activity. The school will investigate any incident of gang activity. The results of the investigation will determine the response. Consequences could include:

    • Counseling / warning / reprimand
    • Suspension
    • Referral to law enforcement agencies
    • Parent conference Referral to other community agencies with free services
    • Referral to other community agencies with free services
    • Expulsion from school
    • Others as determined to be appropriate

    Students are advised and warned that graffiti and slang may be part of the "gang culture". Engaging in the above-described behavior identifies one as a gang member. This may trigger the above consequences.


    Bus Discipline:

    Bus service is a privilege and not a right. Because misconduct on the bus places others at risk of injury, discipline guidelines will be enforced strictly. Students must remain seated and orderly on the bus. Consequences for bus misconduct may include:

    • Suspension from the bus for an appropriate period of time, and/or suspension from school
    • Possible law enforcement citation
    • Additional days added to the student's DAEP assignment


    Cell Phones:

    District policy prohibits the use of any electronic communications device by students during the school day. The policy provides that such devices are to be confiscated, and returned to the parent after a $15.00 handling fee is assessed. The parent must retrieve the device within 30 days.



    State law states that students placed in an alternative school for disciplinary purposes can neither participate in nor attend school activities sponsored by the main campuses.


    Compliance With Directives:

    All students must comply immediately with any adult request, directive, or instruction. Students who fail to comply are insubordinate and may face severe discipline, including suspension and expulsion.