• BISD Seeks "District of Innovation" Designation

    The BISD Board of Managers voted to begin exploring the possibility of becoming a District of Innovation at a meeting held on October 30, 2017. District of Innovation is a designation that was introduced in the 84th Legislature under House Bill 1842. The designation allows districts in the state of Texas more flexibility and local control by allowing districts to make decisions in certain areas of governance based on their specific needs. In order to obtain this designation, a district must be rated as at least acceptable according to the most recent accountability rating.

    Districts must form an Innovation Plan that lays out the district's specific needs and what policy changes would be made within allowable guidelines. Becoming a District of Innovation does not exempt the district from state and federal laws including, but not limited to, state standardized testing, financial and academic accountability standards, and special education requirements. BISD is seeking two exemptions: first day of instruction and length of school day. These exemptions are the only two being considered by the district in order to allow BISD flexibility in scheduling and calendar options.

    At the October 30 meeting Associate Superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen advised the Board that by exploring the options provided by this designation the District would form a committee and hold public hearings in order to develop a plan. After a plan is developed the Board of Managers will make the determination whether or not to seek the designation.

    For more information about Districts of Innovation click here.