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    Student Transfer Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. How early should I apply for a transfer?

    There are a limited number of transfer seats available at campuses designated to accept transfer requests. The earlier an application is submitted, the better the chance of consideration for approval as available slots fill up quickly.

    Applications received during the open transfer window receive a date and time stamp and are processed in accordance with the priority system outlined in Board Policy [FDB(LOCAL)] on a first-come, first-serve basis to campuses with available transfer slots until limits are reached and/or the transfer window is closed. Please be sure to check the “available schools” listing by visiting the district's Online Registration webpage to determine if your preferred choice is available.

    1. My preferred school is not on the "available schools” list. Why not?

    Based on current facts, trends, and enrollment projections, parents/guardians should be aware several campuses are closed to accept transfers due to lack of available space, special programs, staffing allocations, etc., and are not able to accommodate transfers for the upcoming year, unless authorized by law or Board policy. All requests submitted for schools closed to open transfers will be automatically declined. No waiting lists are in effect during the school year!

    1. What is the process the District uses to determine whether my request for a transfer is approved?

    Approval of a transfer request to a campus outside the student’s zoned campus is based on the availability of space, staffing allocations and class size ratios. Capacity is reviewed annually as determined by enrollment projections, functional space and pupil to teacher ratios for the next school year. Parents should be aware that a transfer request will not be approved if additional staff or classrooms are needed to accommodate the transfer student. NOTE: The approval of a transfer for one school year does not guarantee or imply the approval of future transfers to the next feeder school or other schools. Reference Board Policy FDB(Local)

    1. How will I know if my transfer has been granted?

    All applications made to schools that are closed to accept transfers are automatically declined, as noted on the original application. In regards to requests made to an available school, the parent/guardian will receive an approval or denial letter by USPS mail in May. (Due to the large volume of requests, and limited resources, the office is unable to process transfer decisions by email or by phone).


    1. Is bus transportation provided?

           Except as provided by law or board policy, parents/guardians are responsible for transportation for approved student transfers.
           Transportation shall be provided only for transfer students who:

    1. Are required by law to be transported to and from a transferred school;
    2. Attend schools where at least 65 percent or more qualify for free and reduced-price lunch and are
      transferring to a school where fewer than 65 percent of students qualify for free and reduced-price
      lunch and live two or more miles from campus.

    Note: A student may lose his or her transportation privileges due to misconduct on the bus.


    1. I’m currently on a transfer for this year? Do I have to reapply for the next school year?

    Once granted, intradistrict transfers are in effect for the span of grades at a particular campus, for the approved time period or until revoked. Parents of students already on an approved transfer do not need to fill out a new transfer request unless the student is changing schools (other than returning to the home zoned campus with proof of residency), including going from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school.

    Employee transfers are required to be reviewed and renewed annually as employee assignments may change from year to year.

    NOTE: As currently based on board policy, the middle school a student will attend is based on the address of the parent/legal guardian documented in the district’s database, not on the elementary school the student currently attends. Likewise, the high school a student will attend is based on the address of the parent/legal guardian, not on the middle school the student attends. To attend any school not in the attendance zone corresponding to the students’ residence on file, a transfer application must be submitted, and the request must be approved.

    1. What is the ‘transfer agreement’ and why must a parent/guardian sign this form?

    Transfers are considered a ‘privilege’, not a right and must be held in the highest regards. Students must maintain acceptable standards of attendance, academic progress and compliance with campus/District rules and regulations, including the Student Code of Conduct or risk revocation of their transfer privilege. The transfer agreement is used to confirm an understanding of the terms and conditions of the transfer between the District and the parent/students.

    1. Can a student’s transfer be revoked once granted?

    Yes. An intradistrict transfer may be revoked by the Superintendent or designee upon the recommendation of the school principal when the student:

    1. Has been adjudicated truant or received deferred adjudication and/or suspension of sanctions due to truancy;
    2. Has not been awarded credit/a final grade as a result of failure to meet attendance requirements; [See FEC]
    3. Has been assigned three or more days of out-of-school suspension in one semester or has been placed in a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) or juvenile justice alternative education program (JJAEP) for a mandatory disciplinary infraction;
    4. Has engaged in two or more incidents of fighting not related to self-defense;
    5. Has engaged in delinquent conduct or has been convicted of a criminal offense and is on probation or other conditional release;
    6. Has obtained the transfer through fraudulent means; or 
    7. Has not met any other condition the Superintendent or designee deems necessary or appropriate.

    Note: If the transfer is revoked, the student shall be assigned to the school that serves the verifiable residence address, effective at the next grading period. The student shall be ineligible for another transfer during the remainder of the current school year as well as the next school year.

    1. May I apply for a transfer for my PreK-4 student?

    No. Enrollment into PreK-4 is based on meeting state eligibility requirements to participate and assignment within the program. Not all campuses have Pre-K programs. As such, some students will be assigned to participate at a school with available space. Click here  to see if your student meets eligibility requirements.

    1. I would like both my children to attend the same school. Are there any exceptions made to the transfer policy to accommodate siblings?

    Sibling status will not automatically guarantee transfer approval. Each request to transfer to attend a school outside a student’s attendance area with his or her sibling shall be evaluated the same as all other requests. Any sibling must meet all criteria for transfer eligibility prior to consideration for a sibling assignment.

    1. May I return to my home campus if I change my mind in regards to my transfer request?

    To ensure stability in instruction, an approved transfer shall continue for the duration of all grade levels at the assigned school (kindergarten–grade 5, grades 6–8, or grades 9–12) unless revoked. Once a transfer has been granted, the student shall be ineligible for an additional transfer until the student completes all grade levels at the assigned school.

    If an extenuating circumstance arises that prompts a need to rescind a transfer, please contact the Student Services Department at 409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107 to discuss your reason and options for rescission.

    NOTE: A request to rescind an approved transfer may disqualify a student from future considerations for a transfer.

    1. Can I apply for a transfer anytime during the year?

    Generally, no. To maintain stability in the student’s program of instruction, open choice transfer requests are not processed during the course of a current school year. Additionally, staffing allocations are set early and are difficult to adjust once school is in session. After the courtesy transfer window is closed, a transfer between campuses is permitted only as outlined in local, state or federal statute and may require supporting documentation.

    NOTE: Students on a transfer who move to a new attendance zone during the school year may continue at the transferred campus (no transportation provided) or enroll at their new home campus at the end of a grading period upon presentation of two valid proofs of residency.

    1. My babysitter/daycare is in the District but outside of my zoned campus. May my child transfer to the school within my babysitter’s or daycare facility’s zone?

    During the open transfer window, parents are afforded the opportunity to request a transfer to the school of their choice in accordance with the priority selection system set forth in board policy FDB(Local) on a first-come, first-serve basis to campuses with available transfer slots until limits are reached and/or the transfer window closes. Please be aware not all campuses are able to accommodate transfer students, due to “magnet” status designations, special program requirements or lack of available space. Be sure to reference the application filing deadlines and the list of schools available to accept transfers. To maintain stability in the student’s program of instruction, transfer requests are not processed during the course of the school year for the current school year unless authorized by local, state or federal statute.

    1. My work schedule has changed and there’s no one at home to get my student to and from school at my residence. I would like my child to transfer to the school near his grandmother’s house (other relative or friend) so he will get transportation, is that possible?

    Students residing within the boundaries of BISD are entitled to a free public education at the home campus assigned to the attendance area in which the student’s parent/legal guardian resides. While students may spend time at the home of a relative, caregiver or friend for scheduling convenience, eligibility for enrollment into a particular school is based on the proof of residency of the parent/legal guardian.

    During the open transfer window, parents are afforded the opportunity to request a transfer to the school of their choice in accordance with the board-approved priority system.

    1. We live in the District. However, my child is currently attending a private school. We will be transferring back to Beaumont ISD starting in the Fall. Would my child be considered a transfer? Do I need to fill out transfer paperwork?

    If you live in Beaumont ISD school district boundaries, you would not need to fill out transfer paperwork in order to enroll your child in the school zoned for your attendance area. Simply bring two valid proofs of residency and other required documents to your zoned campus during the designated time to register your student in school. The transfer application process is intended for situations when a child lives in one attendance zone, but wants to attend a campus in another attendance zone. During the open transfer window, parents are afforded the opportunity to request a transfer to the school of their choice in accordance with priority system policy set forth in board policy [FC(LOCAL)] on a first-come, first-serve basis to campuses with available transfer slots until limits are reached and/or the transfer window closes.

    1. We live outside the boundaries of the Beaumont district, but work within the city. For convenience due to our work schedules, we would like to transfer our student to a BISD school?

    Interdistrict transfers are currently limited to students of full-time BISD employees who reside outside the school district based on capacity or space available. BISD is pleased to offer Schools of Choice that are open for enrollment charter partners that allow all students who reside within the boundaries of Jefferson County the opportunity to enroll.

    The open-enrollment charter partner campuses include:

    Fehl-Price Elementary (Grades K-5)

    Jones-Clark Elementary (Grades K-5)

    Smith Middle School (Grades 6-8)


    1. Can my child change schools for athletic purposes or to participate in certain extracurricular activities?

    In accordance with UIL rules, a student who changes schools for athletic purposes is not eligible to compete in Varsity League athletic contest(s) at the school to which he or she moves for at least one calendar year, even if both parents move to the new attendance zone. Further local district rules also prohibit participation in varsity athletics for one calendar year when a student transfers from one BISD campus to another BISD. Parents and students should fully investigate eligibility status based on the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules along with local policies before changing residences from one attendance zone to another. While there are no UIL eligibility restrictions for participation in sub-varsity activities, the Texas Education Code does prohibit enrollment at any particular campus for purposes of an academic or athletic advantage. Privileges to participate in extracurricular activities at one campus does not necessarily guarantee rights to participate in the same or similar activities at another campus. For questions concerning UIL eligibility, please contact the Department of Athletics at 409-617-5014 for additional information.


    1. I am a BISD Employee. Would I follow the same general intradistrict transfer guidelines?

    Students of full-time, BISD employees may be eligible to transfer to the campus to which the parent's primary duty station is assigned or to the zoned campus of the employee's primary duty station depending on grade level, capacity, etc. An application must be filed annually each school year with the Student Services Department. Employee exceptions are verified by the Human Resource Department in late summer to ensure accuracy in the employee's duty station assignment.

    Access the application from the district's Online Registraton page or by contacting the Student Services Department during normal business hours.


    • A child of a full-time, resident District employee, upon application submitted at the time of initial employment or during the transfer window, may be transferred to the campus (feeder) to which the parent’s primary duty station is assigned. [FDB-Local].
    • A child of a full-time, nonresident District employee shall be allowed to transfer into the District and, if the employee is a teacher, the student may be assigned to the parent’s campus or the feeder campus, provided space is available. [FDA-Local]
    • Transportation is the responsibility of the employee, parent/legal guardian.
    • In approving transfers, the Superintendent or designee shall consider availability of space and instructional staff and the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records.
    • Employees and students must acknowledge and adhere to the Transfer Agreement to follow all rules and regulations of the campus/District. The transfer may be revoked for violation of the terms of the agreement and may result in a transfer request not being approved in the following or subsequent years.

    1. I am Peace Officer or Active Duty Service Member wanting to transfer my student to a BISD school. Where can I find more information about this?

      Thank you for your service. You can click here to find out more information about transferring your student.

    2. I have additional questions that were not addressed regarding the transfer policy. Who can I contact to receive additional information?


    Department of Student Services

    3395 Harrison Avenue

    Beaumont, Texas 77706

    409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107

    www.bmtisd>Departments>Student Services

    Click to Access the Student Services Department Website