Employee exception student transfer requests are limited to full-time, district employees and are processed in late July, early August of each school year. An application must be filed annually with the Student Services Department. 


    • A child of a full-time, resident District employee, upon application submitted at the time of initial employment or during the transfer window, may be transferred to the campus (feeder) to which the parent’s primary duty station is assigned. [FDB-Local].
    • A child of a full-time, nonresident District employee shall be allowed to transfer into the District and, if the employee is a teacher, the student may be assigned to the parent’s campus or the feeder campus, provided space is available. [FDA-Local]
    • Transportation is the responsibility of the employee, parent/legal guardian.
    • In approving transfers, the Superintendent or designee shall consider availability of space, instructional staff, the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records.
    • Employees and students must acknowledge and adhere to the Transfer Agreement to follow all rules and regulations of the campus/District. The transfer may be revoked for violation of the terms of the agreement and may result in a transfer request not being approved in the following or subsequent years.

    Click here to access the Employee Exception - Student Transfer Application. Employees must submit a photocopy of their gov't issued photo id (driver's license, passport, etc.,) with application for processing.