Information for Special Needs Students

  • Beaumont ISD is pleased to provide quality educational services for your child with special needs.  Our mission in special needs transportation is to ensure “your child arrives at school and returns home safely with care given to his/her individual need.” All drivers and monitors participate in frequent in-service training to expand and improve their driving skills and upgrade their knowledge of helping children with special needs.

    Communication with you is vital to the success of our mission. The ARD (admission, review, and dismissal) committee is responsible for identifying those students requiring special needs transportation. When changes occur through ARD committee decisions, routes may be revised and time changes will be communicated to all individuals involved.  Communication between the bus driver, parent and school is strongly encouraged. 

    As the parent of a special need student:


    • You should attend your child’s A.R.D. and annual review and complete the Special Needs Transportation information sheet.
    • Ensure a parent is home when your child is picked up and dropped off, unless the child can be left unattended. (Bus drivers will not release the child until they see the responsible person in the afternoon.  Non-ambulatory students must be met at the bus unless “No Adult” is stated on the permit)If there is no parent at drop off location, we will bring student back to the student’s campus. You must pick up your child at that location. If this happens more than 3 times, the proper authorities will be contacted
    • Make sure emergency contact information is kept current.  
    • Have the child ready for pick-up 10 minutes before scheduled pick-up time.
    • Teach your child to follow bus rules.
    • Notify the transportation office, not the driver or monitor, as early as possible when your child will not be riding. Some days the driver or monitor may be off work and the sub driver will not get the information.  (Failure to ride over 3 consecutive days will result in discontinuation of service, until the transportation office is notified, and service re-instated.)
    • Share information with the driver/monitor regarding changes in your child’s schedule, health, or any major disruptions that could affect your child’s behavior or safety during the route.
    • Ensure your child uses the restroom before boarding the bus, has finished their meal, and is wearing clean, dry clothing.
    • Wheelchairs must be occupied during transport and have properly operating brakes, rests, locking tray, and safety belts (trays may be removed during transportation.)
    • Notify your child’s Principal or teacher directly with messages.
    • Parents are not allowed on buses unless prior approval is granted or in case of an emergency. 
    • Drivers are not responsible for transporting additional unoccupied equipment unless in extreme emergency and only with prior approval.


    Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any other questions or concerns, please call the transportation office at (409)617-5617.