Call for Quality Schools

  • Overview

    Beaumont ISD’s vision is to, in collaboration with the entire community, create an inclusive environment of academic excellence that supports the diverse needs of all learners. To realize this vision, Beaumont ISD (BISD) is committed to establishing and nurturing new in-district partnerships to cultivate, augment, and recruit the best leadership and talent to serve Beaumont’s kids.

    Through the Call for Quality Schools (Request for Information), BISD is seeking partners inside the district as well as outside to design new and reimagine existing in-district schools, programs, and to identify new and existing talent to support our most at-need students.

    Several guiding principles are core to BISD’s vision and expectations for future partnerships. The ideal partner will be aligned with BISD on its commitment to quality, equity, and collaboration, as outlined below.


    • All partners must be committed to serving students and families through a shared definition of student success, including the development of a School Performance Framework that will be designed in the 2018-19 school year.
    • All partners commit to and will describe how they will contribute to BISD’s goal of all district schools meeting Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability standards by the end of the 2020-2021 school year, and how their partnership aligns with BISD’s core beliefs (outlined in the appendix).



    • Partners must focus on meeting the needs of all students, particularly Beaumont’s most vulnerable populations.
    • All partners must receive the same access to funding and resources to ensure that all schools have the opportunity to achieve success for their students.



    • All partners will commit to collaborating with BISD to provide high-quality options for all of Beaumont’s children and to sharing effective practices.
    • BISD is committed to supporting partners as best as possible in developing great schools.


    Opportunities for BISD Partnership

    Through our 3rd annual Call for Quality Schools in May 2020, we are specifically considering high-quality operators that are positioned to assume operations of M. L. King Middle School in Fall 2021. More information on this school can be found below.

    Information Regarding King Middle School:


    2020 Call for Quality Schools Application

    This year’s application consists of the Local Campus Charter Partner Application required by the TEA. Please find the full application here (CLICK HEREand on the left-hand side menu under “Application.”


    Application Process and Timeline

    Applications will be accepted electronically on a rolling basis to through June 24, 2020. Applications will be considered as soon as they are submitted, so we encourage interested applicants to submit as early as possible. Below is a timeline for the application and school opening:


    • Phase 1: Written Application
      • 5/8/2020 – Application goes live
      • 5/20/2020 Informational webinar               
      • 6/24/2020 Application due
    • Phase 2: Interviews & Shared Due Diligence 
      • 7/10/2020 Capacity interviews held 
      • 7/11/2020 -  Due diligence begins with BISD 
    • Phase 3: Selection and Board Vote   
      • 7/20/2020 – Begin contract negotiations 
      • Mid-Nov 2020 – Board vote
      • Early Dec 2020 – Applications due to TEA
    • Partnership School Opening
      • Fall 2021 – Opening of M.L. King Middle School in operation under an in-district school partnership 


    Upcoming Webinars

    BISD will be holding an informational webinar on May 20th, 2020 for interested organizations to learn more about the Call for Quality Schools, the partnership process, and to answer any questions you might have.


    Please check back for additional details about the upcoming webinar.


    Contact Us

    Please reach out to Jody Slaughter, the Chief of BISD’s Innovation Office (Click Here)  at with any questions.