• Music education is a gift that will last a lifetime! As parents, you have already invested time, money, and energy into your student’s music education. However, providing your student with private lessons will maximize his/her musical potential. Music is for everyone, and so are private lessons. No matter what your student’s age or future career path, private lessons are extremely beneficial. Private lessons equip students with the skills necessary to get the most out of the music; playing becomes more gratifying and enjoyable when a rich aesthetic experience is the result!

    Parents wishing to enroll your child in private lessons may either fill out the interest form located on this page and one of our studio teachers will contact you or you may contact the teachers directly.

  • Flute

    Katie Martinez

    Email: deannakmartinez@gmail.com

    Phone: (409) 926-4390

    Kevin Melendez

    Email: kevmelendez9@gmail.com

    Phone: (281) 948-5254

    Michael Hung




    Keith Ruggles

    Email: keith.ruggles@live.com

    Phone: (409) 673-4782



    Not Available At This Time


    Sarah Svehla

    Email: svehlasarah@gmail.com

    Phone: (903) 916-1165

    Jessica Longlois

    Email: longlojr16@gmail.com

    Phone: (409) 988-9070




  • Horn

    Michelle Diaz

    Email: mdiaz6@lamar.edu

    Phone: (713) 825-7672


    Dennis Doiron

    Email: ddoiron@lamar.edu

    Phone: (409) 656-3722

    Nick Hernandez

    Email: nhernandez11@lamar.edu

    Phone: (409) 659-5935


    Nuhash Hossain

    Email: nhossain1996@gmail.com

    Phone: (832) 552-9360


    None At This Time


    Jordan Johnston

    Email: jjohnston12@lamar.edu

    Phone: (337) 275-0936