• Tech Apps - This course is currently for 8th graders. In the Tech Apps course, students gain experience with the Google Suite of Apps including Docs, Sheets and Slides. Students also develop introductory graphics with both free pixel drawing, as well as vector images and even animations. Toward the end of the semester, students are fully engaged with 3d Object Design, Presentations and even a robotic challenge between the classes to program a Lego Robot. During the course, while learning about Spreadsheets, students also develop a budget including a plan to pay for college, as well as a time schedule and SMART goal setting with tracking.


    Exploring Careers - This course is currently for 7th graders. In this class, students are introduced to the 16 career clusters in an attempt to broaden their understanding of available career options. Class time is also spent in developing the student's understanding of their own personality to help them set goals for a suitable career choice. During the course, students are introduced to finances, cost of living, including developing a budget and a plan to pay for college, as well as a time schedule and SMART goal setting with a tracking system to help them reach the goals they will hopefully put into motion during the course.


    Both classes use Google Classroom with resources and all assignments online for ready and easy access both in the classroom as well as outside of class for students to be able to have the extended time and enrichment time necessary or desired.

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