• Keep Your Resume' Updated

    High School Resume - How-To Guide for 2020 [11+ Samples]



    High School Resume': A Step by Step Guide



    Read the Scholarship Criteria/Qualifications

    Apply for ALL scholarships you qualify for, regardless of the amount offered.


    Search for Scholarships on Your Own

    Use scholarship search engines to search for scholarships.

    The BISD Scholarship & Resource List offers suggestions for scholarship search engines.



    Stay Organized

    Develop a Deadline Calendar

    •  Know HOW to submit 
      • Paper Application - Mail or Hand Deliver
      • Online Application - Submit Online


    • Know WHEN to submit
      • By the Deadline
        • When the application states it is DUE (date only or date & time).
      • Postmarked by
        • MUST be processed by the post office by Postmark Date stated.  
      • Received by
        • Scholarship application MUST be received by the scholarship provider on the date stated.



    Save all essays written for college applications and scholarships.

    • You may be able to reuse all or parts of essays for other scholarship opportunities.

    Have a teacher critique and proofread your essays.

    • Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

    13 Tips to Bring Your Scholarship Essay to the Next Level



    Get Accepted

    Once your are accepted to a college/university, you can apply for institutional scholarships.

    Colleges and universities will not allow you to apply for scholarships at their institution until you have been accepted.  

    • Check your email/mail correspondence for instructions from the institution regarding their application process for scholarships.