Substitute Access Information

  • All substitute access starts with HR. Long Term Subs (LTS) need to be identified as such to HR. The primary contact in HR for LTS issues is Mary Guest.
    Scheduling of teachers is a campus responsibility, but if a sub is not defined as a LTS, and/or is not scheduled properly, then they will not be granted access to any of our third party programs. Third party program access is dependent on the actual program as to whom the responsible party is for managing it. 
    To be "scheduled properly", a LTS must:
    1. Be identified as a LTS
    2. Be assigned to a PCN which has a schedule
    3. And the course section he/she is assigned to must have the "Show Substitute Name: YES" turned on.
    If an employee has access to TEAMS but does not have the appropriate security clearances in TEAMS for "student" data, then those requests should go to Student Services, Senecia Saveat.  Likewise, if an employee needs Finance data privileges, for some reason, those requests should go to Jillian Golhke in the Business Office.
    Access "cards" are controlled by the "Pay Location" field in TEAMS, which managed by HR also.
Last Modified on June 24, 2020