Strategic Planning for Beaumont ISD

  • The Strategic Planning Task Force kicked off their first weekend of visioning sessions on January 10-11. The group, consisting of about 60 business partners, faith-based leaders, volunteers, parents, retired educators, students, teachers, administrators and board members, joined their unique perspectives to co-develop a vision for what they want for the district and students the methods of getting there. 

    It is key for our stakeholders to visualize the future of BISD, learn about opportunities and possibilities for the District and share their needs and wants,” said Allen. “I was thrilled to see that everyone was so engaged in the discussions and I am excited to see the vision that we are creating come to fruition.” 

    The group will meet for two additional, two-day sessions on February 7-8 and 21-22. The sessions are open to the public.

    From the findings and feedback gathered in these sessions, the board, superintendent and cabinet-level staff will develop goals to incorporate House Bill 3, Lone Star Governance and Findings and Directions outcomes and performance objectives to ensure we are meeting these goals. 

    “I was excited to see BISD moving forward and planning for the next five years and most importantly, involving the community in this process,” said Ana Pereda, Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Economic Development. “The first two sessions were engaging and defined the role we all will be playing in the next weeks. As a BISD parent and a staff member of the Chamber, I am honored to be included in a plan that will impact Beaumont’s quality of life.”

    In the spring, cabinet-level team members will seek feedback from all campuses and the community on the plan up until this point. Looking forward to the summer and early fall, the facilitators and BISD staff will partner to create seven-15 task forces who focus on target areas that are aligned to the goals and performance objectives that we previously set, BISD staff will write activities into their work plans that tie into meeting our set goals and the superintendent will develop quarterly reports to update the board on progress and outcomes.


    Click here to view the superintendent's presentation.