Application Overview


    Opportunities for Partnership with Beaumont


    BISD is seeking partners to operate innovative school models within the district to help us ensure we provide all of Beaumont’s children with a high-quality education. To that end, BISD is looking to collaborate on multiple partnerships to build more great schools in Beaumont, especially for students who need it the most.

    Through this Call for Quality Schools, we are specifically considering high-quality operators that are positioned to assume operations of M. L. King Middle School. More information on this school can be found on the TEA’s website here.  

    At this time, BISD estimates per-pupil funding for a partnership at M. L. King Middle School with $9,075 per pupil. This figure is subject to change before finalizing a contract with a partner, based on potential changes in state and local funding levels.

    State Accountability

    4th Year Improvement Required

    Federal Accountability

    Campus Support Reidentified

    Student Enrollment


    Special Education Students


    EL Students


    American Indian or Alaskan Native


    Asian or Pacific Islander


    Black, not of Hispanic Origin




    White, not of Hispanic Origin



    BISD Support for Partnerships


    BISD will provide partners access to a variety of supports and ensure a central point of contact to engage with the district through our Innovation Office. Details for supports will be negotiated via a partnership agreement contract but could include:

    • Funding
    • Facilities
    • Human capital
    • Academic program
    • Operational supports such as transportation, food, and maintenance

    Additionally, a partnership at M. L. King Middle school is expected to be eligible for additional funding with regards to planning and implementation from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). See TEA resources available last year on the Texas Partnerships website. BISD will be following up with applicants during the Shared Due Diligence phase to discuss potential grant opportunities and a timeline of when these opportunities will be made available.


    Timeline and Shared Due Diligence Process

    Applications will be accepted electronically on a rolling basis to through June 24, 2020. Applications will be considered as soon as they are submitted, so we encourage interested applicants to submit as early as possible.

    The full application process consists of three main phases outlined below, beginning with the submission of the written application (attached separately).



    Important Dates

    Phase One

    May ‘20 – Jun ‘20

    Written Application

    Submit application to BISD

    5/8/20 – Application goes live                6/24/20 – Application due

    Phase Two

    July ‘20

    Interviews & Shared Due Diligence  

    Hold interviews with BISD and conduct shared due diligence

    7/10/20 – Interviews and shared due diligence begin with BISD

    Phase Three

    Jul ‘20 - Oct ‘20

    Selection and Board Vote   

    Finalize partnership agreement contract and hold Boa

    rd vote

    7/1/20 – Begin contract negotiations 

    Mid-October  – Board vote

    Early December – Applications due to TEA

    The application process shall include:

    1. A comprehensive written application submitted by each applicant in accordance with application guidance and requirements provided by the Board; 
    2. A rigorous review of the written application conducted by the Beaumont ISD CQS Application Review Committee which consists of at least three members, including at least one district staff member and one external evaluator, with relevant and diverse expertise;
    3. A formal recommendation from the Review Committee to the Superintendent for approval or denial of each application, based on evidence from the Review Committee’s evaluation of the application; and
    4. A formal recommendation from the Superintendent to the Board for approval or denial of each application, based on evidence from the Review Committee’s evaluation of the application; and
    5. A formal vote by the Board to approve or deny each application.


    When submitting your application, please include state assessment reports for all of your campuses that serve populations similar to the student population at King Middle School.  Please provide an explanation of the state assessment reports for all reports outside the state of Texas.