New Students

  • PLEASE NOTE: There are 3 steps to complete the registration process. Please follow the steps listed below.

  • Checkpoint

    You are considered a 'New Student' if the following criteria are met:

    • The student or parent/legal guardian resides within the geographic boundaries of BISD, or the student is the child of an out-of-district employee approved to enroll by employee exception, or the student qualifies for enrollment by special program exception (i.e. RDSPD, McKinney-Vento/Foster Care status, etc.,), AND
    • The student has never been enrolled in a BISD school in any prior year (including summer school enrollment), AND
    • The student wishes to enroll in a BISD school for the very first time for the 2020-2021 school year.

    This includes students:

    • moving from another Texas school district
    • coming from a private school or charter school
    • moving from a school district outside of Texas
    • previously enrolled at daycare, homeschooled, or never attended school and are attending public school for the first time.

    This does not include students:

    • who reside outside of the boundaries of Beaumont ISD who do not meet a qualifying exception OR who are not electing to enroll in one of the charter partner campuses. 


                                              green check

    If your student meets the above criteria, proceed to Step 1 below.



    If your student did not meet all of the criteria of a new student, evaluate this information additional assistance:

    • If you are a district employee who is seeking to enroll an out-of-district student and have not been approved by employee exception, click here for assistance. 
    • If your student was enrolled in a BISD school during the 2019-2020 school year, click here to visit the Returning Student registration page.
    • If your student was previously enrolled in a BISD school, withdrew prior to 2019-2020 and wants to return to reenroll for the 2020-2021 school year, click here for the FORMER STUDENT registration page.



    NEW STUDENTS, let's Begin...




    • You will need to allot 25-30 minutes per student (depending on your device and the speed of your internet connection) to complete the registration verification process. Information does NOT save if you exit prior to completing the process.

    • Gather any required documents or paperwork that may be necessary to register your student. Scan or take a picture of all of the the documents and save to your computer, tablet or smartphone before you begin because information does NOT save if you exit prior to completing the process.

      Review Eligibility Requirements: English or Spanish

    • Reminder: Returning students should be registered using Parent-Self Serve (PSS) since student data is already on file. Returning students of district employees who live within the geographic boundaries of BISD should also be registered on PSS using the emloyee's TEAMS username/password. Returning students of district employees who live outside the geographic boundaries of BISD should proceed to Step 2 below to complete registration information.     Log on to Parent Self-Serve








    • Campus staff will perform a review of your student's submitted information to determine if all information/paperwork is complete to finalize the student's registration file. Be sure to have the confirmation number easily accessible for the follow-up process as necessary.

    • If additional documentation is required, such as updated immunization records, health forms, etc., a staff member will contact you at the phone number or email provided during the registration process to discuss next steps.

    • If your registration needs are complex, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment with the campus to provide additional documents and/or complete additional paperwork.

    • Please note, your student may not be fully scheduled or added to class rosters if information/documentation is missing or incomplete.

    • Campus staff should notify you when your child's enrollment is complete.