• As our current national crisis continues to evolve, Beaumont ISD anticipates on starting its student return to school phase-in process on September 21, 2020, rather than September 14, as originally planned due to the loss of instructional days from Hurricane Laura. 

    For the past two weeks, our district has implemented the virtual learning platform. All parents now have the opportunity to update their child’s method of learning and are asked to re-select either on-campus or virtual learning. 

    We are thankful, for our community’s patience as we all work together through this national pandemic. More detailed information will be forthcoming, in the meantime, parents, please complete your re-selection by Wednesday, September 9, 2020, by filling out the appropriate form below.

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    High School Form:


Return to School 2020

  • BISD is planning to transition students back to campus for on-campus instruction starting on September 21, 2020. The phase-in process will take four weeks to implement fully. The chart below reflects the grade levels and campuses that will begin on-campus instruction each week. All BISD students who selected or re-selected on-campus instruction as their learning mode will begin school face-to-face by October 12, 2020 (Week 4).




  • General Information

  • Remote Learning

  • Uniforms

  • Transportation

  • Entry and Classroom Procedures

  • Lunch & Cafeteria

  • Collaboration with Local Health Officials

  • Visitors

  • Moving Forward

Virtual Instruction FAQ's

  • Once the initial district-wide remote learning period ends and students begin coming back for face-to-face learning, you have the option for your child to remain at home learning virtually.  

    Beaumont ISD has elected to follow an Asynchronous model this year which means the remote instruction will mainly be accessed by students/parents at a time convenient for them to allow for varied work and home schedules.  

  • How will my child receive virtual instruction?

  • How much time should my child spend on virtual instruction each day?

  • Will my child have the same teachers he/she started with this school year?

  • Will my child be learning the same things as the face-to-face students?

  • If I want to have my child return to face-to-face instruction later in the year, what is the process?

Back to School Procedures

High School Athletic Schedules

  • Beaumont United and West Brook High Schools are looking forward to welcoming our students back to campus! Due to the large enrollment numbers at the traditional high school campuses, the district has designed a hybrid schedule to better support enhanced health and safety protocols, create cohesiveness, and maintain stability in special programs. 

    Students will be split into two separate groups and will be assigned specific days to attend school in person and days to participate in learning remotely away from the campus. The group assignments and schedules are outlined below.  

    The intent is for all students to migrate fully back to daily on-campus instruction after the initial phase in process contingent upon consultation with local health officials. Our high schools have developed the hybrid schedule from September 2020 through January 15, 2021, should there be a need to continue it due to advice from local health officials.

    Parents are encouraged to please contact their child’s campus administration with any questions or concerns.


    *All grade levels Special Education self-contained, RDSPD, and 18+  students report to school every day starting with Week 1.



    Athletic Schedules

School Start Times

  • Bingman Head Start:

    Pre K3 & Pre K4  - 9:00am - 4:20pm

    Lucas Pre-K:

    8:40am - 4:00pm

    Elementary Schools

    Pre K4- 5th - 8:20am - 3:40pm

    Middle Schools

    9:00am - 4:20pm

    High Schools

    7:20am - 2:40pm

    Paul Brown

    7:40am - 3:00pm


    7:20am - 2:35pm

Education Rights and Responsibilities