Letter Jacket Applications are available in December and April of each school year. A link to the form will be posted in PCC during those months.

Letter Jacket Photo
  • ECHS Letter Jacket Application

    Students can set themselves apart for outstanding achievements by applying for an ECHS letter jacket.  Following BISD minimum standards for non-athletic clubs and organizations which have a service or product component to the campus in their constitution, and have been approved by the campus principal, students may earn one letter jacket award by meeting the following criteria:

    • 2-year, uninterrupted commitment/membership to at least one extra-curricular organization
      which has a service or product component to the campus in their constitution.
    • Be in good standing within the organization as defined in the organization or clubs’ constitution.
    • Be in good financial standing with the district.
    • Good standing within the organization:
      • Based on the club or organizations constitutions’ requirements of good standing membership and responsibilities, including community service hours.
      • An acceptable and respectful attitude toward the coach or sponsor, and the roles and responsibilities of the student within the club or organization.
    • Good Financial Standing with the district:
      • No outstanding debt including textbooks, Chromebooks, ID’s or any other debt, and not currently on the hold list for uniforms or equipment.

    Clubs and organizations will purchase letterman jackets out of the organizations activity account. If there is not adequate funding for all students who meet the criteria, students may be placed on an approved list at Balfour to purchase their own jackets. 

    NOTE: The coach or sponsor of any organization or extracurricular club at his/her discretion, may recommend lettering for an athlete or member who has not met the above requirements. There are instances when a student will contribute greatly to the success of the team or organization through personal effort, loyalty, attitude, etc. and should receive a letter jacket award. This recommendation will be restricted to a student’s senior year and must be approved by the principal.

    The fee for the letter jacket, one patch on the arm, and the letter “B” on the front will be $60. Bring this completed form, all requested documentation, and your fee in the form of cash or money order to Ms. Smith (make an appointment by emailing her at asmith@bmtisd.com). Other patches, your name on the back, etc. will be an extra charge that can be paid directly with Balfour.