• Interviews are a way for us to meet our applicants and discuss expectations with parents.  Please remember to dress appropriately for an interview and make eye contact throughout.  A school uniform is acceptable, otherwise, business casual is the expected minimum attire.  What to expect:
    • Both the student interviews and the parent session are conducted simultaneously and occur on a first come, first served basis.  Once a student's interview is complete and the parent has attended their session, you may leave.   
    • Interviews with the students will be approximately 10 minutes.  Upon arrival, check in and add your name to the interview list.  Students will be interviewed in the order in which they arrive.  As interview rooms become available, the students will be escorted to the interview and then escorted back when completed.  After the interview, the student will return to their parents and you can both stay for more questions or leave when you are ready.  
    • Parents will attend a 15 minute informational/Q&A session with the principal while the student is engaged in the interview
    • If your student was placed on the waitlist due to an incomplete or late application, you can get more information about your status during this event. 
    Please feel free to contact the campus with any questions.