• Instructions for Dropping a College Class

    Excessive drops will limit your opportunity to attend college classes and affect progress towards your high school diploma and your associate’s degree.  Excessive drops may also jeopardize your position in the Beaumont Early College HS program.

    Re-enrolling in a dropped class in another semester is not guaranteed.  If the class is required for completion of high school graduation requirements or to obtain your associate’s degree it may become difficult to meet those goals.  Beaumont ECHS may re-enroll you in the class in a later semester if you have shown significant academic improvement and dedication to the early college program.  

    After your third drop, you will be referred to the Beaumont ECHS Success Plan committee to evaluate your continued participation in the program. 

    The following procedure must be followed and documented before you will be allowed to drop a class.

    1. Print a College Class Concern (CCC) form from the Beaumont ECHS website under the Academics tab. Complete the course cost & textbook cost calculation.
    2. Meet with your family teacher as soon as you have concern over your grade in a college class and complete the appropriate section on the CCC form.
    3. Attend at least 3 tutorial sessions with either LIT tutors or Beaumont ECHS teachers or facilitators about the subject of concern and complete the appropriate section on the CCC form.
    4. Make at least 2 contacts with your instructor and document it on the appropriate section of the CCC form.
    5. Make an appointment with the counselor to discuss the impact on high school and college degree plans and complete the appropriate section of the CCC form.
    6. If there is still a need to drop the course, complete the reflection questions and have your parent sign the CCC form.
    7. Meet with the counselor to turn in the completed CCC form and to complete paperwork for dropping the class.

    In rare situations when the timeline does not allow for all steps to be completed, students may receive approval to drop after meeting with the counselor and the principal. 

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