• Enrollment/Registration FAQs

    Where do I enroll/register my students for the?

    Online registration is available to enroll/register students. Click here to get started. 

    What documents do I need to enroll my new student?

    Enrollment documents may vary depending on age, residency, or special program eligibility. Please view checklists here: English   | Spanish/Español

    Is my student eligible to enroll in PreK or Kindergarten?

    Please visit our Early Childhood webpage to learn more. Click here

    What if I don't have the required proofs of residency in order to enroll my student?

    In order to expedite the enrollment/registration of your student to a zoned campus, it is necessary that parents/legal guardians submit a valid photo id and the two required proofs of residency. Applicants who do not have the required documents can speak with a registration specialist to be advised as to what paperwork is necessary and then asked to return or email the information when they have secured all appropriate documents. If the parent/legal guardian or other person with lawful control of the student has recently had loss of housing caused by eviction, fire, flood or other extreme hardship, please contact the campus or the Student Services Department  @  409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107 for further assistance.

    What if I live in a rental home/apartment, but I don't have a copy of the lease to present for proof of residency?

    If you are a tenant at will ("month-to-month") and do not have a residential lease dated within 1year of the enrollment date, you will be required to submit a  Landlord Verification Form along with proof of your most recent rent payment (dated within 30 days of enrollment). Please contact the Student Services Department@ 409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107 to schedule an appointment for further assistance.

    What if I live with a friend or relative, where I contribute to the living expenses, but the lease/mortgage and bills are not in my name?

    If you live with  a friend or relative, your student may be eligible for a provisional 30 day enrollment to a BISD school based on the terms of a Shared Residency Affidavit. Both you and your  friend  or relative  must  complete  and have an affidavit  notarized  to  affirm  your residence. Your friend  or relative will also have to provide  a copy of a valid photo id and two proofs of residency, one item from column A  and one item from column B. You will also have to submit additional  forms  of  acceptable residency documentation within 30 days of the  student's  enrollment into the school.

    Note: A Shared Residency Form does not guarantee admission to a particular school, but will allow the family without to be eligible to enroll in BISD. Please contact the  Student Services Department@ 409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107 to schedule an appointment for further assistance. Click below for a copy of the Shared Residency Affidavit.

    Shared Residency Affidavit: English   Spanish/Español

    What if I own my home, but do not pay a mortgage (i.e.,the home is paid for)?

    If you no longer pay a mortgage on your home,you  can submit a copy of the property deed or most recent property tax statement. If you do not have a copy of the deed, contact your financial institution or contact the Jefferson County Clerk's Office to obtain an official copy of the deed. Likewise, a property tax statement is available online at www.jcad.org. One of these items will satisfy your proof of residency requirement for Column A. 

    My family (the student) is currently experiencing temporary homelessness due to eviction, loss of job, family violence, or other economic hardship. How can my student enroll/register?

    Students experiencing temporary loss of housing are still able to enroll in school under the provisions of the McKinney-Vento Act. Students who are identified as homeless are able to enroll via a completed Student Residency Questionnaire. Please contact the district's McKinney-Vento Office at 409-617- S109 or 409-617-5107 to schedule an appointment for further assistance.

    Learn more about McKinney-Vento: English      Spanish/Español

    What if I have recently moved and have not yet received any utility bills?

    To fulfill the residency requirements of Column B,you may submit one of the other acceptable proofs outlined in the column. You may also submit an official work order verification document  stating that your service has been ordered or installed. Contact your utility company for further assistance.

    I have moved to Beaumont due to work and currently live in a hotel until I can locate permanent housing. How can I establish proof of residency?

    School staff are happy to assist you with enrolling your student in the school for which the hotel is zoned. You will be required to provide an alternate form of documentation to satisfy the proof of residency requirements. Please contact the Student Services Department @ 409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107 to schedule an appointment for further assistance.

    Can I apply for a transfer to enroll my student in another school?

    All BISD schools offer great learning opportunities! Unfortunately, not all BISD schools have specialized education programs, are designated as open enrollment Schools of Choice or have the capacity to accept transfer students.  Per board policy FDB(Local),  a student shall be assigned to a school in the attendance area in which he or she resides on the basis of the actual residence of his or her parent or legal guardian upon submission of proof of residency provided at the time of enrollment consistent with board policy. Student may apply to attend a school outside of their zoned campus via open enrollment to schools with seats available.

    Learn more about the Schools of Choice opportunities here.

    Is there a way that all my childrencan attend the same campus together?

    Yes. Depending on age, grade level and/or special programs offered, the Schools of Choice options are a great way for siblings to have the opportunity to attend school together. Learn more about the Schools of Choice opportunities here.

    What if I or my student is undocumented? Can my child still enroll?

    Yes. A student will not be denied access to enrollment in school because of their immigration status.  If the student lacks permanent housing (experiencing homelessness), please contact the  district's McKinney-Vento Office at 409-617- 5109 or 409-617-5107 to schedule an appointment for further assistance.

    What if I am a current  BISD student who has moved and needs to update my address? Does my parent/legal guardian need to provide the two proofs of residency from Column A and Column B?

    Yes, documents from both columns are required. You can complete a change of address form and submit the documents to the campus for review and approval in order to update the student's address. In many cases, the student can continue enrollment at the campus, but the parent/guardian may be responsible for transportation. Note: Any student whose parent or legal guardian changes legal residence during the course of a semester and fails to notify the campus in a timely manner of his or her address change shall be assigned to the school that serves the verifiable residence address and shall forfeit eligibility for a transfer during the remainder of the current school year as well as the next school year from the date of discovery of the violation.

    Change of Address Form: English    Spanish/Español           

    What happens if BISD discovers that I falsified documents in order to enroll my student at a particular campus within the district?

    A student who enrolls in Beaumont ISO or in a school outside of the bona fide residence of the parent/legal guardian due to falsification of school enrollment documents shall be subject to the student's immediate withdrawal and return to the appropriate school district or zoned BISD campus.The parent/legal guardian and other collaborating parties may further be subject to payment of tuition and fees retroactive to the date the student  was first enrolled and will be subject to criminal prosecution under Sec 37.10 of the Penal Code.



    Statement of Non-Discrimination: The Beaumont Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status or handicapping condition in its programs, services, activities, or employment practices as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975. BISD is committed to providing a free and appropriate public education for all students.