• Summer School 2021

    The elementary summer school program will be held as face-to-face learning for Pre-K to fifth-graders from June 16 to July 14. Both breakfast and lunch will be served through the shortened day, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m, Monday through Thursday. Fun and engaging instruction will be provided in Reading, Writing and Math, along with daily Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) activities. 

    Elementary programs are federally-funded, so there is no cost to parents and all students are encouraged to attend. To register, https://forms.gle/sLmH3zWR4nVkyMvJA.

    For registration information about Middle and High School online, click here.

    “We are excited to offer a face-to-face learning environment for our elementary students,” said Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Jenny Angelo. “It is simply better for our younger students to see and talk to each other in person and to make connections with their teacher.”   

    “We have had many elementary students who have been virtual all year and so isolated from their peers as a result,” said Angelo. “Quite a few parents have reached out to us stating that they finally feel comfortable with bringing their child to face-to-face instruction, so I am excited about these students reconnecting with their friends and teachers, being able to talk, laugh and learn with their peers.”  

    Angelo said they have some really fun activities planned for the students to do, and giving them SEL activities each day will help support their mental health as well.

    Middle and high school summer school will be fully virtual from June 16 through July 8. Students will have the latitude to work on the courses at a time convenient for them, either in the morning, night or weekends. They have the opportunity to recover credits that they may have failed during the school year in any core subject which is English, Math, Science, or History.  

    For middle and high school, a $20 fee will be charged for each semester of the course in need of recovery. Registration will be handled through each campus counselor closer to the end of the school year. Discounts are available for economically disadvantaged students. 

    Last summer, due to the pandemic, all summer school was virtual. Over 2,300 secondary students took advantage of the program and over 500 elementary students picked up summer learning activities. 

    “Our parents have done an amazing job supporting their child's learning at home, but children greatly need the structure that a school setting can provide,” said Angelo. “We have had so many disruptions this year that will lead to learning gaps, so we would love for parents to take advantage of the summer session to help solidify their child's learning and rectify some learning gaps they might have from this unique and challenging year.” 

    For more information and to register, visit www.bmtisd.com and look for the large Summer School banner on the home page. You may also contact Jenny Angelo at jangelo@bmtisd.com.