• Guidelines to differentiate student activity funds from funds generated from outside organizations such as booster groups and PTA’s are as follows: 

    1. When the funds are handled in any way by a Beaumont ISD teacher or sponsor acting as a Beaumont ISD employee, the funds are to be handled through the school’s activity fund. 
    2. When a fundraiser is held in the school and students are selling a product, the funds are to be deposited in the activity fund account. 
    3. When the fundraiser is conducted by parents only on school property or by parents with student help off of school property, the funds should be considered Booster or PTA funds.
    4. The decision to conduct fundraisers in the name of the school,whether activity fund or Booster/PTA groups, needs to have prior approval from the Principal. 
    5. Under no circumstances should the campus allow any organization to use the district’s tax identification number. 
    6. Authorized parent organizations should not distribute raffle tickets to students during the school day. Also, they cannot be sold on district premises. 
    7. Bookkeepers or other faculty should not be authorized check signers of a parent or booster club group. 
    8. Under no circumstance should any school loan money to any outside organization (PTA/Booster Club, etc.) 
    9. Under no circumstance should the District email system be used to send information to parents on behalf of an outside organization (PTA, Booster Club and Project Graduation). 
    10. The District is not responsible for any communications or transactions related to the activity of outside organizations (PTA, Booster Club and Project Graduation)