• The bookkeeper/secretary should assist the sponsor in all matters related to campus and student activity funds.  The bookkeeper/secretary should keep the principal informed of all issues relating to activity fund management.  The bookkeeper/secretary has a duty to report any critical information regarding the loss of funds due to fraud or theft or a sponsor conducting a fundraiser without the approval of the Principal, etc. 

    The bookkeeper/secretary is also responsible for the following: 

    1. Maintaining accounting records.
    2. Entering RPO’s and check requests for payment from activity funds.
    3. Receiving money and issuing a receipt.
    4. Preparing deposit to be picked up by BISD Police.
    5. Follow up on issues related to activity funds.
    6. Issuing cash receipt books as needed to teachers and other persons authorized by the Principal.  All receipt books issued must be kept on a distribution log (SAF-124)