• The Activity Fund Office is located at central office and reports to the CFO.  The Activity Fund Office provides activity fund bookkeeping assistance to all campuses in the district. 

    Responsibilities include: 

    1. Manage account activity
    2. Assist with bank reconciliations for activity funds
    3. Verify and post cash receipts to TEAMS.
    4. Approve RPO’s and check requests for student activity transactions in TEAMS.
    5. Implements procedures – Centralized Activity Fund Procedures Manual and training materials.
    6. Coordinate with principals and bookkeepers to correct deviations from policy and procedures.
    7. Prepares journal entries for activity funds
    8. Reviews fundraising requests
    9. Conduct training for staff (bookkeepers, sponsors, principals, etc.)
    10. Provide information to principals regarding issues with their respective campus.
    11. Send correspondence regarding changes or issues with activity funds.
    12. Site visits to campuses regarding activity funds.
    13. Transfer of funds between activity accounts.
    14. Creating new accounts in TEAMS.
    15. Other administrative duties