1. Each club must have constitution/bylaws. 
    1. A copy of the constitution/bylaws must be submitted to the Principal/Student Activity Director for approval and filed with the bookkeeper. 
    1. A constitution is submitted only once and updated periodically as needed. 
    1. Must have student officers. 
    1. There is no minimum member requirement, unless your club chooses to have one. 
    1. Must hold regular meetings. 
    1. Every club must be sponsored by a BISD certified employee. 
    1. All club members must obtain written parental/guardian permission before they can join a club, attend meetings or participate in activities. 
    1. Notice of all general meetings of the student activity organization should be published at the campus three days prior to the meeting date and clearly indicate the date and time of the meeting and items to be discussed. 
    1. All student activity general meetings should take place on school premises before/after the school day. They cannot be held during class or during the school day. 
    1. The Club Authorization Form (SAF-126) must be completed and submitted to the Bookkeeper/Secretary along with a copy of the constitution/bylaws every new fiscal year before club funds can be expended. The form is to be signed/approved by the Principal and a copy sent to the Activity funds Office. 
    1. If the above form is not on file with the bookkeeper and Activity Fund Office BEFORE spending begins, funds for that club may be held. 
    1. Accurate, detailed documentation of all expenditures (receipts/invoices), meeting dates, members in attendance, and items discussed must be recorded in the minutes at each meeting. Members should establish and approve a budget at the beginning of the school year.  
    1. Signed/dated club minutes verifying approval by vote for an expense or fundraiser must be provided upon request and for all PO requisitions and check requests. 
    1. Sponsors planning a fundraiser must complete the Fundraising Approval Form (SAF-112) found in Eduphoria, at least two weeks before the fundraiser begins. 
    1. All merchandise ordered for any fundraiser must have pre-approval from the Principal using the Student Activity Fund Voucher (SAF-104). All invoices/quotes must be attached for support.  Student treasurer and sponsor must sign all requests. 
    1. At the end of each fundraiser, the sponsor MUST complete the Fundraising Financial Report (SAF-114) found in Eduphoria. Make a copy of the form and turn in to the bookkeeper with supporting documentation, 5 days after the completion of the fundraiser.