• Sponsor Fundraising Instructions

    1. Complete the Fundraising Approval Form (SAF 112) in Eduphoria at least two weeks before the fundraising start date. Bona-fide student clubs are allowed two tax-free days per year (one per semester).
    2. Complete an SAF 109 New Product/Produce Update Form for items to be sold in My School Bucks -or- provide ticketing information to your campus secretary/bookkeeper for your event to be set up in Hometown Ticketing. Document your fundraiser number on your request.
    3. Determine whether the items to be sold are taxable so that the vendor can include tax on their invoice. Remember, you must charge students/parents sales tax on items to be sold unless you are using a tax-free day. When determining the sales price, round up to the nearest dollar (i.e. $8.58 becomes $9.00).
    4. Complete the SAF 104 Activity Funds Voucher when making purchases for your fundraiser. Document the fundraiser number on the form. The SAF 104 is given to the secretary/bookkeeper. After the principal approves, the secretary/bookkeeper enters the request into TEAMS as a check request.
    5. Coordinate with your campus secretary/bookkeeper to receive timely reports from My School Bucks. You may need periodic reports in order to monitor your sales, or you may just need a report at the end of the fundraiser to place your vendor order.
    6. Complete the Fundraising Financial Report (SAF 114) in Eduphoria within five days of the completion of the fundraiser. Use the final My School Bucks report to assist in completing your report. Check that the form is in balance and turn in to the secretary/bookkeeper. Attach all documents to support your total sales, and costs (vendor invoices).

    The bookkeeper/secretary is responsible for verifying that the total sales and total expenses on the Fundraiser Financial Report (SAF-114) match the revenue.

    Remember, the fundraising project cannot begin until approved by the Principal or Activities Director (high school).  All purchases must be pre-approved by the Principal before items can be ordered and entered in TEAMS as a check request.  Any person that orders merchandise without pre-approval shall assume full responsibility for the payment of the invoice.