• All collections associated with any fundraising activity by the campus or a particular club or group must be transacted through the activity fund and must be disbursed in TEAMS. 

    Payments to vendors for items sold should never be made in cash or from un-deposited receipts.  

    If the vendor is selling products in the school and checks are made out to the vendor, this is the vendor’s sale and the vendor is responsible for reporting and paying sales tax to the Texas Comptroller’s Office. 

    No disbursements may be made from un-deposited cash. 

    Funds collected by student groups shall be used only for purposes authorized by the organization or upon approval of the sponsor.  The principal shall approve all disbursements.  All funds raised by student groups must be expended for the benefit of the students.  All funds collected from the sale of items to students/parents must be expended for the benefit of the students.  The principal shall ensure that the expenditures from activity accounts are expended for the purpose of the group and not diverted for other purposes.